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I’m not tired! July 29, 2007

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pineapple1.gif How many times has a child said this as you are preparing them for bed or a nap.  All the children I have ever worked with have said it and fall asleep within minutes from declaring their energy level.  Today was no exception.

I spent the day with my 2 year old nephew and his family at Wild Waters.  We had a blast, swam a lot, ate and drank, and did NOT take a nap.  “I’m not tired.” 

So we took the kids to ride the go-carts before heading home.  Seany and I were riding together.  He is not quite big enough to drive himself much to his dismay.  The line was long.  We waited three races before it was our turn.  I looked down at Seany and said, “We’re next!”  But he didn’t hear me.  He was standing there with his eyes closed, head against the chain link fence that seperated us from the race cars, and his little fingers entwined through the holes of the fence. 

He must have just needed a cat nap because five minutes later he was awake and ready to race!  He and I kicked butt out there on the track!  I let him put his one hand on the steering wheel so he feels like he is helping me drive.  However, it won’t be long until it is just him out there kicking butt on the raceway!  stitch11.gif


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