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The New Fall Season August 30, 2007

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Are there any shows that are starting up again that you are excited to see new episodes of?

Here are some of mine:

According to Jim

The Amazing Race




Prison Break


And two that I might possibly get some jabs on because I am a Christian

Ghost Huntersghost-hunters.jpg

Ghost Whisperer

I really enjoy them both. 

I have my dvr all set up to record.  It is the best way to watch them because you can forward all the comercials.  Even better is to watch the complete season on dvd,  Then you don’t miss any of it and you don’t have to wait a week to get to the end of the cliff hangers.  You also don’t have to stop living to watch the shows you like.  The DVR or TVO is definately one of my favorite new inventions.  But that’s another post.


Dear Diary vs. Bloggers

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diary.jpg    How many times as a kid did you start your own diary?  For me it was at least ten times, then when I became a christian, it was another ten times that I tried to write in my Journal.  But if you look at any of the ones I saved, they are always only 3 entries or so. I did better when I was on a fast from people and places and things for a week.  I filled a full notebook.  But as for any others, a few pages and nothing more. 

But blogging, I seem to keep up on a regular basis.  Now it has only been a short time, but it already seems more natural for me to come online and write out my thoughts.  Granted only one of them has been truley personal, but I am still writing.  I wonder what it is about blogging?  Is it the fact that others can read it and respond?  Or especially for me that I can type instead of write, much quicker for me. 

Does anyone else out there seem to keep up with a blog easily, but could never do a diary or a journal?  Or were you just as good at updating those?


My Biggest Pet Peeve August 26, 2007

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I never really thought I had one, until yesterday.  So here it is…

People who pull up to the gas tank , then walk inside to get snacks, then come back out to pump gas.  Or reversed.  They pull up to the pump, fill up their car, then leave their car there while they go in and get snacks.

Common courtesy is to pull up, pump the gas, then pull away from the tank and park in the store parking so the next person can use the pump.  Especially when there are lots of cars waiting in line to use the pump.

I sat in a line for 15 minutes waiting for two people to get their cars out of the way. And I was not the only one waiting in line.

 The first one both people in the car left and went in to get snacks, then came out to pump, then got in the car, THEN the driver got back out of the car and went back inside!  I was done pumping my gas and pulling away from the pump before this bozo returned to his car.  RUDE! 

The other pump I was pulling up to was empty, until someone raced to get in it just as I was pulling up to it.  THEN  sat in the car for five minutes before letting the son out to go pay.  Then stayed in the car until the son came out from paying before she got out and started to pump.  I was also done with my gas before she left. 

 I finally pulled up to another pump, which was on the opposite side of my tank, then realized I couldn’t pull the hose far enough to reach the tank  so I had to pull out and turn around, but I had to yell at the man who tried to sneak into my spot.  I told him to stop, I was going in that space.  Only I was very frustrated at that point and yelled it.  Then when I was done, I pulled away from the pump, parked my car and went in to get a drink. By then I needed a real drink, but settled on Diet Coke. Imagine how frustrated that same guy would have been if he had to wait for me to go in to get a drink before I pulled away.  Especially after being yelled at.  It’s just plain rude. 



Bad, Awesome, cool, hot, snap, sweet, August 24, 2007

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A few weeks ago my two year old nephew and I were walking out of Wild Waters and he says to me, ” Auntie Jody, your pimpin’!” 

What in the world does that mean?  I used to know most all of the slang, and now I think my nephew is calling me a bad dressed man who sells sex.

However, this must not be the real definition. Tonight we were looking at a toy catalogue and he saw a fire engine that reminded him of the one he wants.  Every one is telling him to ask Santa for it.  He got so excited when he saw this fire truck that he jumped up and down and after he calmed down he looked at me and said, “Santa is pimpinnn”  Then he winked at me.  Did I say that he is two?

These are the definitions I got in the urban dictionary. 

1) To work it with a member of the opposite sex
2) A compliment used when someone is wearing platinum chains, Fubu™ clothes, etc.
3) An object of high appeal

I am assuming it is number three.  Which is flattering, but still.  Am I getting old because I don’t like this word?

Did adults think that when we would say “Bitchen?”

To me it just sounds like Hood talk.  And I never let my kids,  that I worked with from the hood, say that kind of stuff when they were with me.  I told them they wouldn’t get a lot of respect using that kind of slang.  Any thoughts?


Babies for Sale…

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I am a Nanny by profession.  I get some cute or interesting earfulls sometimes.  So I am going to share them on here.  We will call the boy C and the girl J.  C is 4 and  J is 2.

J is playing with her dolls, trying to put them in her stroller.  She is struggling and goes to her big brother for help.

She hands her doll to him and he yells, ” Hey Lady!  I don’t sell babies!” Then walks away to play with his cars. 



MiniVan Blues

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So here it is only 18 days since I wrote about the misunderstood minivan.  My brother calls me last week, only ten days after the post, and says, ” Mom and Dad are at Dodge Trading the Van in for a Truck.” 


“Don’t worry, I stopped them and I am going over to talk them out of it.”


The next day I get a call from my mom, ” Hey!  We got a cool new truck! A mitsubishi with mopar engine!   Much better deal!  2007! And not from Dodge boys!” 

Sigh…So now someone elses mom gets to drive the cool “Unwonted Minivan.”  Isn’t that kind of like a Murphy’s Law or something?   But I can’t complain, it was after all, their van.  Bye-Bye Dramma’s Van.minivan.png


Unexpected Treasures August 23, 2007

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So I have this friend… in most cases it would be considered an odd friendship.  She is 21.  I am 38.  Gosh that number looks old.  I am flattered that she enjoys my company as much as she does.  She calls me often, like a normal friend would.  We even go to the movies from time to time.  She is funny, smart, cute, and mature. Sorry boys, she’s happily married!

                 jasmine4.gif                                                         genavie.jpg

She takes my advice into consideration, and she is currently trying to set me up on blind dates.  One day I will have to tell her my blind date horror stories.  But I will give it a try one more time.  If nothing else, maybe a new friend will come from it.   But really, I will have to tell her my stories.  There are nine of them, all of them bad.  3 of them were Very bad. 

We both met because we Nannied kids in the same neighborhood, one block from each other.  Our kids got along wonderfully, and gave us a chance to talk with adults.  She is no longer a nanny, and I thought for sure the friendship would fade to an aquaintance status, but I was wrong.  Even her husband seems to enjoy talking with me too.  As long as I don’t tell anyone he likes to watch Friends….oh, did I type that outloud?  Don’t worry, I didn’t mention the OTHER show. ;0)  It’s my fault really, neither of them had seen it before I gave them the dvd series. 


Always keep your mind open, you never know where or how God will bring treasures into your life! They come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages.