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The Unwonted Minivan August 5, 2007

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I got to use my mom’s minivan for work the other day.  I LOVE it when I get to use her minivan!  It is so convenient, easly loaded, and comfortable ride.  It comes with built in car seats for front facing riders.  The seats in the back fold down for easy loading and storage for bikes, coolers, diaper bags, swim bags, even a port a potty. I swore I would NEVER own a Minivan.  But after the few times I’ve gotten to use my mom’s, the more I wish I had one. 

I was always going to get an SUV like a Durango instead of a Minivan.  They didn’t seem old ladyish.  And they definately didn’t have a negative stereotype stuck on them.  But being only 4’11” I must say it is the smarter choice for me.  Especially now that Durangos are fifty feet in the air and you need a ladder to get into them if you are of normal height! 

To me the Minivan is unique in that it is one of the only vehicles that truely were made for a family.  I think if I got one I would get it in Candy Apple Red.  I don’t think I have ever seen one in that color.  It is the perfect nanny car, mommy car, and even dare I say, a daddy car.  When you drive kids around as much as I do, a two door mini-suv is just not cutting it.  I have this cool soft top that I can never take off because it is way to windy and unsafe for the kids.  They can’t even stand the windows down.  Two kids have to be lifted up and put in one side of the car and you hopefully can rely on the older child to help buckle the younger one, and if not, then you have to climb up and wedge yourself betweent he front and back seat to buckle and unbuckle them.  The kids are so close together I am constantly saying “stop touching him/her!”  Kids should have a minimum of five feet between them.

I also love that I could use my mom’s van to transport up to four car seat kids, or as many as two carseat and four older kids, or six kids total.  My nephew has so many cousins and brothers and sisters, and they are all starting to call me “Tita Jody.”  This melts my heart and makes me want to take them all out to the movies or parks or the candy store!  The minivan is truely a misunderstood car and unfairly has a negative stereotype.  It is the first sign of old age if you are under 30 or over and still single.  But I think it is one of the best designed cars ever made for families.  Families are something to be proud of , treasured, and so we should feel the same about the car that represents family.


3 Responses to “The Unwonted Minivan”

  1. Dawson Says:

    I own a minivan. Yes, it’s easy to drive, can fit a LOT of stuff, is great for the kids to get in and out of, but is still a minivan. You’re right; it has a stigma. It’s a great car. My Honda Odyssey is tough as a tank and is everything that we need and more. BUT, if I could afford the gas I would still own a suburban.

  2. Liss Says:

    Isn’t it great when mom (or your mother-in-law in my case) owns the minivan so you can borrow it when you need it, but don’t have to park it in your driveway! At 37, I still like to think I am cool and hip and young and want to ride around in something that makes me feel that way… like my husband’s truck (why did he get the cool vehicle and I only have a compact car?). Anyway, I agree with your thoughts on minivans and how they represent families and how much we care for them…truly a great invention!

  3. jose Says:

    When I worked at Nissan I loved driving their version of the minivan. I just thought of it as more like a VW bus. We’d take it to the beach or skiing or camping. I could haul music gear for shows.
    But really, except for the last example, I never really did any of things regularly.

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