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Moving…Again August 21, 2007

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So it’s that time again.  It has been less then a year that I moved into the apartment I am in now.  I feel blessed because the new place is a double wide trailer on an acre of land.  Three bedrooms, two baths, an office, livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, washer dryer with lots of shelves and storage.  Even a great little garden tub, deep enough for a real bubble bath! And the rent is less then my little one bedroom apartment!

However, I am not looking forward to the packing up my things again. and moving itself, and unpacking.  I feel like I just finished getting my home decorated just right and ready for company.  Yes, it takes me a long time to unpack.  My parents used to be able to unpack and decorate a complete home in two days!!  I don’t know how they did it.  And that was with two kids!  They even did it right before Christmas.  Our entire home was decorated for Christmas and we decided to move, can’t remember why, but our decorations came down, we packed, and moved and were unpacked and redecorated by Christmas!  Anyone who has ever come by at Christmas knows that my parents go crazy with decorations at Christmas, so this was no small task. 

I have moved so much in my life that it should be normal for me by now.  But it really is a love hate thing.  I love to decorate a new place, but I hate the actual move.  The move to my current place  was just my dad, mom, and my one friend, and me.  My parents are older now, so it is a lot harder for them.  My brother was on a cruise.  My move from WI was just my parents and me.  I have had several friends help me move in the past as well.  My brother swears he will never move me again.  Ha!  Little does he know…

Anyways, I am surrounded by boxes once again.  I can’t wait for the day I can say, this is “my” home, and I can finally unpack for good!  Storing up treasures on earth is just a lot of work!  No wonder God says store up your treasures in Heaven.  Those go with you no matter where you live, and you never have to put them in a box!


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