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Unexpected Treasures August 23, 2007

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So I have this friend… in most cases it would be considered an odd friendship.  She is 21.  I am 38.  Gosh that number looks old.  I am flattered that she enjoys my company as much as she does.  She calls me often, like a normal friend would.  We even go to the movies from time to time.  She is funny, smart, cute, and mature. Sorry boys, she’s happily married!

                 jasmine4.gif                                                         genavie.jpg

She takes my advice into consideration, and she is currently trying to set me up on blind dates.  One day I will have to tell her my blind date horror stories.  But I will give it a try one more time.  If nothing else, maybe a new friend will come from it.   But really, I will have to tell her my stories.  There are nine of them, all of them bad.  3 of them were Very bad. 

We both met because we Nannied kids in the same neighborhood, one block from each other.  Our kids got along wonderfully, and gave us a chance to talk with adults.  She is no longer a nanny, and I thought for sure the friendship would fade to an aquaintance status, but I was wrong.  Even her husband seems to enjoy talking with me too.  As long as I don’t tell anyone he likes to watch Friends….oh, did I type that outloud?  Don’t worry, I didn’t mention the OTHER show. ;0)  It’s my fault really, neither of them had seen it before I gave them the dvd series. 


Always keep your mind open, you never know where or how God will bring treasures into your life! They come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages.


2 Responses to “Unexpected Treasures”

  1. Genevie Says:

    Aaaawww That is so cute! My husband laughed when you wrote about his sectret like on friends! He loves the show maybe even more than I do but he is so funny he will never admit it to anyone. We won’t tell people about how much he likes Desperate houswives…..ooops:-)

  2. smlwoman Says:

    Lol, he’s gonna kill you! Mine would have made him cringe, but yours… Wow! Brave girl!

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