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Bad, Awesome, cool, hot, snap, sweet, August 24, 2007

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A few weeks ago my two year old nephew and I were walking out of Wild Waters and he says to me, ” Auntie Jody, your pimpin’!” 

What in the world does that mean?  I used to know most all of the slang, and now I think my nephew is calling me a bad dressed man who sells sex.

However, this must not be the real definition. Tonight we were looking at a toy catalogue and he saw a fire engine that reminded him of the one he wants.  Every one is telling him to ask Santa for it.  He got so excited when he saw this fire truck that he jumped up and down and after he calmed down he looked at me and said, “Santa is pimpinnn”  Then he winked at me.  Did I say that he is two?

These are the definitions I got in the urban dictionary. 

1) To work it with a member of the opposite sex
2) A compliment used when someone is wearing platinum chains, Fubu™ clothes, etc.
3) An object of high appeal

I am assuming it is number three.  Which is flattering, but still.  Am I getting old because I don’t like this word?

Did adults think that when we would say “Bitchen?”

To me it just sounds like Hood talk.  And I never let my kids,  that I worked with from the hood, say that kind of stuff when they were with me.  I told them they wouldn’t get a lot of respect using that kind of slang.  Any thoughts?


4 Responses to “Bad, Awesome, cool, hot, snap, sweet,”

  1. jose Says:

    thoughts about words and meanings? I have plenty.
    But for now I’m reminded that “lousy” used to be a bad word, especially for children.

    Also, what words constitutes “hood talk” and what’s slang that comes straight out of the suburbs?

  2. smlwoman Says:

    Hood talk to me is slang that comes from rap music. I know I am stereo typing, but honestly, when you look up the reference of the word pimpin, it generated from the “gangsta” rap. Where I lived that is hood talk. It may be different in other areas. I remember the two boys I hung with telling me they wanted to be pimps because one of the rappers was using that as a slang in his song. I asked what it meant to them and it meant having lots of women, money and bling. I dont’ think they understood how they got the money for the bling and why the women were hanging out with them, other then the fact that the guy was rich. But using that kind of slang definately won’t get you respect outside of the hood.

  3. smlwoman Says:

    By the way, it was funny at the time he said it. And I know he says it because he is getting the laughs. He is two, he has no clue why it’s funny. And saying santa is pimpin was even more funny.

  4. jose Says:

    Calling someone a pimp doesn’t necessarily mean you are calling him a purveyor sexual goods. It is sad however that a despicable “profession” would be used to denote success or anything else worthy of admiration.

    I seem to recall a local band around these part using such language on their website.

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