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MiniVan Blues August 24, 2007

Filed under: my thoughts — smlwoman @ 12:45 am

So here it is only 18 days since I wrote about the misunderstood minivan.  My brother calls me last week, only ten days after the post, and says, ” Mom and Dad are at Dodge Trading the Van in for a Truck.” 


“Don’t worry, I stopped them and I am going over to talk them out of it.”


The next day I get a call from my mom, ” Hey!  We got a cool new truck! A mitsubishi with mopar engine!   Much better deal!  2007! And not from Dodge boys!” 

Sigh…So now someone elses mom gets to drive the cool “Unwonted Minivan.”  Isn’t that kind of like a Murphy’s Law or something?   But I can’t complain, it was after all, their van.  Bye-Bye Dramma’s Van.minivan.png


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