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My Biggest Pet Peeve August 26, 2007

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I never really thought I had one, until yesterday.  So here it is…

People who pull up to the gas tank , then walk inside to get snacks, then come back out to pump gas.  Or reversed.  They pull up to the pump, fill up their car, then leave their car there while they go in and get snacks.

Common courtesy is to pull up, pump the gas, then pull away from the tank and park in the store parking so the next person can use the pump.  Especially when there are lots of cars waiting in line to use the pump.

I sat in a line for 15 minutes waiting for two people to get their cars out of the way. And I was not the only one waiting in line.

 The first one both people in the car left and went in to get snacks, then came out to pump, then got in the car, THEN the driver got back out of the car and went back inside!  I was done pumping my gas and pulling away from the pump before this bozo returned to his car.  RUDE! 

The other pump I was pulling up to was empty, until someone raced to get in it just as I was pulling up to it.  THEN  sat in the car for five minutes before letting the son out to go pay.  Then stayed in the car until the son came out from paying before she got out and started to pump.  I was also done with my gas before she left. 

 I finally pulled up to another pump, which was on the opposite side of my tank, then realized I couldn’t pull the hose far enough to reach the tank  so I had to pull out and turn around, but I had to yell at the man who tried to sneak into my spot.  I told him to stop, I was going in that space.  Only I was very frustrated at that point and yelled it.  Then when I was done, I pulled away from the pump, parked my car and went in to get a drink. By then I needed a real drink, but settled on Diet Coke. Imagine how frustrated that same guy would have been if he had to wait for me to go in to get a drink before I pulled away.  Especially after being yelled at.  It’s just plain rude. 



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