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Dear Diary vs. Bloggers August 30, 2007

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diary.jpg    How many times as a kid did you start your own diary?  For me it was at least ten times, then when I became a christian, it was another ten times that I tried to write in my Journal.  But if you look at any of the ones I saved, they are always only 3 entries or so. I did better when I was on a fast from people and places and things for a week.  I filled a full notebook.  But as for any others, a few pages and nothing more. 

But blogging, I seem to keep up on a regular basis.  Now it has only been a short time, but it already seems more natural for me to come online and write out my thoughts.  Granted only one of them has been truley personal, but I am still writing.  I wonder what it is about blogging?  Is it the fact that others can read it and respond?  Or especially for me that I can type instead of write, much quicker for me. 

Does anyone else out there seem to keep up with a blog easily, but could never do a diary or a journal?  Or were you just as good at updating those?


2 Responses to “Dear Diary vs. Bloggers”

  1. -Dave Says:

    I tried journaling a few times. Never, ever got past 5 entries. I usually descended into whining about things going on that I didn’t like, and found it really distasteful. I did that a bit blogging, too – but knowing that people read it helps me focus on things that are more productive.

    Or, so I’d like to think 🙂

  2. Liz Says:

    When I was in middle school , i’d just buy attractive journals, write down a few entries, but never keep up with it, or never remember until I saw a better journal, but there was really no point. I haven’t touched a diary since middle school. I blog a lot more often. I guess it’s because I’m near my computer and when there’s nothing left to do on the internet, I end up at my blog.

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