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The New Fall Season August 30, 2007

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Are there any shows that are starting up again that you are excited to see new episodes of?

Here are some of mine:

According to Jim

The Amazing Race




Prison Break


And two that I might possibly get some jabs on because I am a Christian

Ghost Huntersghost-hunters.jpg

Ghost Whisperer

I really enjoy them both. 

I have my dvr all set up to record.  It is the best way to watch them because you can forward all the comercials.  Even better is to watch the complete season on dvd,  Then you don’t miss any of it and you don’t have to wait a week to get to the end of the cliff hangers.  You also don’t have to stop living to watch the shows you like.  The DVR or TVO is definately one of my favorite new inventions.  But that’s another post.


2 Responses to “The New Fall Season”

  1. aaron loree Says:

    mystery hunters on tv. Have they ever done a
    show on Alcatraz prison bacause that would

  2. smlwoman Says:

    No, they have not investigated at Alcatraz, but they have investigated several prisons. Here is a link to the page of their episodes. You can see each season and where they have investigated. Because they try to debunk the hauntings, it is not unusual for them to investigate and come up with nothing. That is what I like about them.

    As far as any other investigators checking out Alcatraz, I am sure someone has, but I like TAPS way of investigating the best. But check out the link.

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