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Just For Laughs September 30, 2007

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I would love to be caught on this show. The nun one cracks me up!

click on it to see what I mean.


Movie Making September 27, 2007

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I have made my first movie out of pictures and video.  But I can’t seem to get it onto a cd to play it on tv.  I can email it though some have said it is blurry.  I loved making it.  The time flew by.  So fast that before I knew it the clock chimed 1am.  I started at 8:30 pm.  I used pics and video from a field trip I took my kids I care for on.  We went to the Fire department and had a tour.  It was a blast!  Of course I was around four men in uniform. 

Wait there were four kids, one fireman for each kid.  Maybe we scared them.  I put it to the song Hero from Spiderman.  I have thousands of pics to do this with, I may need a new computer that will let me put these on a dvd.  Too much fun!  I’d put it on here, but I don’t know how.


Keep the Word Hidden in your heart

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I like watching Survivor.  Sometimes I think I would like to try it out, easy way to lose weight.  At least as far as willpower goes.  It is in China this season, and as some of you know that is where my heart tends to lean.  I am really enjoying the surroundings.


 Anyways, there is a Christian Radio station DJ on the show this season.  So far she is still there, but I think that is because her tribe hasn’t lost immunity yet. I doubt she will make it to the final four let alone the winner.  She is just not Survivor savy.  Probably a good thing.

 On tonights show she went off by herself and did her private camera.  Her comments, “this is so hard, I think I would be fine if I only had my Bible so I could spend time with God.”  Then almost broke down in tears. 

This statement bothered me.  You don’t need your Bible to spend time with God.  It is a way that God speaks to you, but we are told to keep the word hidden in your heart.  Many excellent teachers in my life encouraged me to memorize as much of the Bible as possible. 

 Now I am not great at my memory verses, and I haven’t memorized or reviewed the verses I did know in a long time.  But I know enough to pull verses into my thoughts when I need to.  When I am struggling with something I have verses I say to myself.  I’m sure many of us Christians do.  But for a Christian on a Christian radio station,  she should have several things to pull from.  But most of all, she needs to be still and just listen. 

Survivor is a good trial for what it could be like for Christians in the future.  There will be a day when Christians won’t have their Bible handy.  Will you let that stop you from spending time with God?  Or from sharing the Gospel?  Or from meditating on the Word?  I sincerely hope not.  The disciples didn’t have the bible in their pockets, or purses, or their chariots, or tied up in their sandle laces, or just in their hands.  The word of God was truely hidden in their hearts, and shared in their actions and words. 




Amazing Grace hits the media September 23, 2007

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I am working on my new place and listening to a marathon of So You Think You Can Dance.  While going down the hall I hear the song Amazing Grace coming from the living room.  But there was something very familiar about the voice of the singer.  I came out and watched the dance.  While watching I figured out that it was Crystal Lewis who was singing.  I have this song done by her and it was the first song that I listened to that was not secular.  There is just something about her voice.  There are certain things she does with that song that made me sure that it was her version.  I really thought it was cool that not only a Classic hymn was being used but that it was by a Christian artist.  And they allowed the word God to be used!  It wasn’t beeped out or edited out.  Very cool.  Found out that this is the third season that is on the marathon and that Sabre, the girl from this dance, does win the competition.  That was pretty cool too.


But mostly I was surprised that the song was picked and used.  Very, very cool!


A True Fairy Tale

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These are two people you should really know.  Their story is really quite amazing, especially now-a-days.  I have the pleasure of having them as parents.

Carol saw this man, Bill,  for ten minutes a day for 5 days.  He came to her work to get help finding work for himself.  After he was done as a client she asked her boss if she could invite him to dinner.  Her boss said sure.  So Carol sent him a formal invitation to dinner at her home. 

She was shocked when Bill rsvp’d with a “yes!”  She made her most excellent dinner.   Chicken parmesian,sauce from scratch, fried Asparagus and artichoke hearts, and potato croqettes.  He showed for dinner that night, and it must have been a hit because he never left.  The next morning, they took me to the park, I was 4, and while at the park Bill asked Carol to marry him.  Now that’s a dinner worth learning how to make!

(Hopefully all the guys won’t think I am trying to get a marraige proposal when I make this same stuff.)

She cried and said, “yes!” That night they asked me if I would like Bill to be my daddy and I said, “yes!”  The next day they told her family, who was in schock, but accepted the perposal.  The next day they got their marraige license, and the day after that they rested. Then the next day they went to the courhouse with Carol’s mom and step dad, and me, and got married! 

Can you believe that?!  5 days from the first date to the actual wedding day!  Now you would not bet on that marraige lasting, but they have been happily married for 33 1/2 years. 

I sent my dad a 20 questions forward once, and he surprised me and filled it out.  My mom printed it out and saved it.  One question was what is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?  My dad responded with, “how lucky I am to wake up next to my wife each morning.” 

I think their story is amazing.  My dad is an amazing dad!  He stuck with me through thick and thin and is always doing more and more for me even as an adult.  My mom has been the best mom in the world, and I am so glad she took a chance on my dad.  He actually adopted me not long after they got married. 

  I just wanted to share my parents story with you.  They are unique in two ways, the way they came together, and the fact that they are still together and strong in their marraige.  And like many parents they are very sacraficial with thier life.  They always tend to put the needs of others before their own.  I am glad I got the chance to honor them here on my blog.  I love you mom and dad! 


Remember When?

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I was watching an episode of Doogie Howser MD from the first season. (1989) It seems so remedial watching it now.  But back in the day it was soooo good! 

But my how times have changed. 

Doogie has a baby left on his doorstep by a 17 year old, brand new mom.  The baby is about a week old.  Doogie has to bring it back to the hospital.  He and his girlfriend, Wanda, drive the baby to the hospital together in his mom’s station wagon.  After ariving at the hospital Wanda reaches behind her seat and picks up the baby that has been lying on the back seat all the way to the hospital, restrained only by her receiving blanket.  1989, doesn’t seem that long ago to me, it seems like we have been using car seats for much longer.  But I guess not.

It brought me back to a time when I remember riding in the back of my parents car, lying on the top of the back seat against the window, with no worries from me or my parents.  But if my nephew is put in my brothers truck with just a seat belt around him to drive three miles, I freak out.  What a different world I grew up in.


Might as well go topless September 22, 2007

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Or should I say faceless!  So have you seen the new Sands Regency bulletin boards?  I see them on my way to work, and today I noticed that they advertised the beach party.  A girl in a bikini, arms on her knees pushing her breasts together and leaning as far forward as she can without falling over so they could say always “full” of fun.    I get the pun.  However, what bothered me more then the sexual reference, is that it is a shot of a girl from the neck down.  Our advertisment has gotten so bad that they don’t even care about what your face looks like, as long as you got a “hot” body?  Thats all that matters, no face, no hair, heck definately no brain or personallity.  It just really bothered me.  On the way home from work, I saw the other side of the sign.  This one was a girl standing up wearing a thong bikini.  Butt perfectly round and pushed out.  Once again, no head.  Just the shoulders down.  “Bottoms Up!” Lets girls know at this point it is the hot body, but pretty soon I wouldn’t be surprised if it is eventually just a shot of tits or ass. 

Could you imagine if they put a guy up there wearing a speedo, with a “full” package? 

It may sound like I am bitter towards the thin women, but I’m not.  Even though I do find myself envying them some times, and remember my thinner times.  But really this irritated me because they had no faces, no head.  It is kind of sad to see what America’s priorities are based on.  You might think that is too harsh, but advertisement wouldn’t use it if it didn’t work.  All they care about is getting the cash from the product.  We are, after all,  the ones that tell them what we want.