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It could always be worse. September 7, 2007

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I like to watch Ellen.
She makes me laugh.  The show on Wednesday  was done in NY.  Ellen decided to go out and do some things to make people smile in a place where they are most stressed, the car.  So she went to a toll booth to work for a few hours.  And as each car pulled up she told them they didnt’ have to pay if they would sing something for her, or she would give tickets away, etc., etc.  She made a lot of people smile during those few hours, although surprisingly, one car did speed through without stopping or paying.  As people were pulling up to her window you saw that they had to pay $6 to go through.  Could you imagine paying that on a daily basis?!  I remember going from WI to Illinois for weekend getaways to Chicago, or Great America, and we would take roads that would get us around the toll booth so we didnt’ have to pay 75 cents.  Laughing to myself now as I thinkabout it.  We thought it was crummy because the tolls were only leading into IL.  And we were basically paying to fix their roads, while they all commuted into our state to and from work. Same thing as what happened with our homes and the Cali people.  But my goodness, it was 75 cents!  And New Yorkers are paying $6!!!  I wonder if people from IL and WI new the price they could be paying, would they consider their toll a blessing?

 Does anyone else have examples out there of it could always be worse?


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