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Might as well go topless September 22, 2007

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Or should I say faceless!  So have you seen the new Sands Regency bulletin boards?  I see them on my way to work, and today I noticed that they advertised the beach party.  A girl in a bikini, arms on her knees pushing her breasts together and leaning as far forward as she can without falling over so they could say always “full” of fun.    I get the pun.  However, what bothered me more then the sexual reference, is that it is a shot of a girl from the neck down.  Our advertisment has gotten so bad that they don’t even care about what your face looks like, as long as you got a “hot” body?  Thats all that matters, no face, no hair, heck definately no brain or personallity.  It just really bothered me.  On the way home from work, I saw the other side of the sign.  This one was a girl standing up wearing a thong bikini.  Butt perfectly round and pushed out.  Once again, no head.  Just the shoulders down.  “Bottoms Up!” Lets girls know at this point it is the hot body, but pretty soon I wouldn’t be surprised if it is eventually just a shot of tits or ass. 

Could you imagine if they put a guy up there wearing a speedo, with a “full” package? 

It may sound like I am bitter towards the thin women, but I’m not.  Even though I do find myself envying them some times, and remember my thinner times.  But really this irritated me because they had no faces, no head.  It is kind of sad to see what America’s priorities are based on.  You might think that is too harsh, but advertisement wouldn’t use it if it didn’t work.  All they care about is getting the cash from the product.  We are, after all,  the ones that tell them what we want. 


2 Responses to “Might as well go topless”

  1. smlwoman Says:

    so far, the majority of the people who have read this entry were people looking for topless models, or the best boobs. Maybe it will make them stop and think. But probably not.

  2. kenny Says:

    I like this post; cutting out the face really does show the dehumanization/objectification of women.

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