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Amazing Grace hits the media September 23, 2007

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I am working on my new place and listening to a marathon of So You Think You Can Dance.  While going down the hall I hear the song Amazing Grace coming from the living room.  But there was something very familiar about the voice of the singer.  I came out and watched the dance.  While watching I figured out that it was Crystal Lewis who was singing.  I have this song done by her and it was the first song that I listened to that was not secular.  There is just something about her voice.  There are certain things she does with that song that made me sure that it was her version.  I really thought it was cool that not only a Classic hymn was being used but that it was by a Christian artist.  And they allowed the word God to be used!  It wasn’t beeped out or edited out.  Very cool.  Found out that this is the third season that is on the marathon and that Sabre, the girl from this dance, does win the competition.  That was pretty cool too.


But mostly I was surprised that the song was picked and used.  Very, very cool!


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