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Cute Mom! November 24, 2007

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I was walking, with my very young friend, through Circus Circus after the Queen Latifah Concert.  As we were walking out some teenage boys were near the door and one leaned against the stair well and stared at my friend.  I have to admit that even though he was looking at her it was a very intimidating feeling.  I could see why it bothers her.  However, as we walked past them I heard, “See, even her mom is cute.”

I asked Gen when we got to the door if I just heard, ” Even her mom is cute?”  She said yes.  We couldn’t help but laugh at the remark. 

Later she said, ” You don’t look like my mom, you look like my friend.”

I responded, “At least I was a cute mom.”


Nevada leads the country in… November 21, 2007

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Gun Related Deaths, both accidental and intentional. 

Nevada is now number one in the nation. 

26 per 100,000 deaths

But this comparison was even more shocking.

In Iraq

32 per 100,000 deaths

This info is from the center for disease control and prevention.

It was reported on ktvn Channel 2 news tonight at 11pm.


The Big Bang Theory November 19, 2007

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Have you seen this show yet?  Here is the link to it

If you haven’t seen an episode, you should be able to view one from this link.  I haven’t laughed out loud during a show since Friends.  The Character named Sheldon has the best lines!  He is the funniest character on the show.  They are all Sci fi and fantasy fans as well.  In the pilot episode you find out from Sheldon they play Klingon boggle every Tuesday night.  It’s just good funny stuff.  Check it out.  If you have or you do, let me know what you think of it.


Walmart: The High Cost of Low Prices November 17, 2007

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I am a huge Walmart shopper.  I just watched “Walmart; The High Cost of Low Prices” on Starz on Demand. ends November 29th.  It was very well done.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.  If you don’t have cable there is a book called Nickle and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich or you might be able to rent it.  

Is it just Walmart?  What about Target?

While I was thinking about this, I realized we have two Targets in the Reno/ Sparks area.  We have 5 Walmarts that I can think of in the same area.  Target prices are fairly comparable.  Sometimes less expensive.  Sometimes more.  So, are all stores that can provide us low costs, the same? 

If you are a Walmart worker, do you agree with the claims of low wages, nonpaid overtime hours, poor insurance with high cost, women and minorities not respected?  Is it really like this? 

How abou a Target worker.  How is it for you?  I don’t know if I will get any responses on this, but I hope I do hear from those who can answer because they are or have experienced it.

The factory workers in China, I don’t get why their country allows this type of environment to take place.  Don’t they value their citizens wealth over an American family’s wealth? So many people work there.  Is it a better choice of pay, at $3 a day for ten to fifteen hour shifts, then other jobs in China?

Did Sam Walton really intend his store to be like this?  When you listen to the CEO of the company give it’s talk, you would think it was not.  So where and when did it all go wrong? 

I am frustrated because I love to shop at Walmart, but can I, in good conscience, continue to shop there knowing what I know now?  Ignorance is bliss, but not beneficial.  I should have bought my groceries before I watched this show.

A side note: One woman on the show said she was going to school to become a preschool teacher.  She worked for Walmart for six years.  Too bad she will go to school to get the same type of job she had at Walmart.  99% of preschool teachers make Poverty wages, have high cost insurance if any at all, long hours, and respect only from the families of the Children you care for.  At least for Walmart you didn’t spend thousands of dollars to work there.


Sammy At Play

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sammi-in-the-fall-of-2007.jpg  I was taking down and packing my Fall decorations, when Sammy jumped into my box of leaves.  He is so much like  kid when it comes to play.  He loved it, I took a bit of video too.  Basically he was trying to catch something in the pile of leaves, at least that is what it looked like.  He does the same thing with any pile that is going to make noise.  I had a huge pile of tissue paper on the floor while unpacking something and he would charge around the room and slide through the pile.  Then he would pounce all over it.  I’m not sure if it is the noise or the texture he likes, but it is too darn cute!  I think his black fur is a great contrast in the autumn colors. 


House Made of Steel November 10, 2007

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I was standing in the line at Walmart in the inner-city of Milwaukee one day.  A girl, maybe about 12 or 13, and her friend were standing with a baby in the cart and a few groceries.  The baby, maybe seven to ten months, picked up a juice bottle in the cart.  The girl said, “put that down, that ain’t yours.  Did I say you could touch that?” And grabbed it from him harshley.  I was waiting for the mom in front of them to say something.  Then I realised the mom wasn’t with them.  The baby was the young girl’s.  A child rasing a child. 

Then her and her friend started talking about their hopes and dreams. 

“If I had a enough money, I would by a house and make it out of steel.”

Her friend wrinkeled her nose,”Steel?  You can’t hang anything on steel?  That would be ugly.”

“It might be ugly, but no bullets could get through it.”

A child, rasing a child, in a war zone.  Definately put things in perspective.  The excerpt below is from this web page I found.  The link will be at the bottom. 

“Milwaukee Fights Wave of Violence” blared the front page. My heart sank as I recalled the other recent national news stories about Milwaukee.  The LA Times wrote an article that called Milwaukee the most segregated city in the nation.  A Time magazine article read, “It’s as if Milwaukee had reverted to a state of lethal chaos… A Special Olympian is killed for his wallet ….an 11 year old girl is gang raped by as many as 19 men. …a woman is strangled; her body found burned … twenty eight people are shot, four fatally over a holiday weekend.”  According to recent reports Milwaukee ranks as the seventh poorest city in the nation and has over 41% of our children living below the poverty level.  Milwaukee also leads the nation is teen pregnancy.  The list seems to go on and on.  Click here to read more.  It has a positive spin, but it will give you an idea of what it was like where I lived. 


What?! That’s a job?!

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These are three of the kids I worked with in the “hood.”  I am frustrated because I can’t remember two of the boys names.  But I have been thinking about them a lot this week.  Wondering if they are safe and happy.  The one in red last I checked didn’t have a place to live.  The homes they had rented were dumps and not taken care of by the landlords.  The last place they were in was surrounded by crack houses.  About four miles from my house.  They used to live one block over.  They went from bad to worse as far as housing goes.  I have no way to get hold of them anymore.  And I think about them often. 

 I had a conversation once with the boy laughing in the white.  We were laying on the grassy hill looking at clouds and he said, ” Jody, I would like to be sitting on a cloud.” 

“Really? Why?” 

“I bet I could see God up there.”

“That would be nice” 

“I wonder if God has any kids?”

“He does.  A Son. ”

“What’s his name?”


“Does God have a wife?”

“No, but Jesus has a mother.”

“My mom and dad aren’t married either.”

“Would you like to know more about Jesus?” 

“Yes, that would be cool.”

And so I told him the story.

We had another conversation once while playing cards on the stoop. 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” I asked.

” A basketball player.”

“Really, why?”

“Because they make lots of money and play a fun game.  I like basketball.”

A plane flies overhead and we look up at it. “Did you know you could fly a plane and get paid lots of money too?”

“What?!  That’s a job?”

“You betcha!  I have friends who fly planes for work.  Would you like to meet them someday?”

“Wow!  That would be so cool!”

Kids in the hood had three choices for jobs in their mind.  Basketball or Football, Rapper or Movie Star, Drug Dealer.  Those were their choices.  They wanted big money, fast, so they could get their families out of the “hood”.  Going to school took a long time and a lot of money. It seemed too out of reach for them. So sharing with this little boy another type of job was a big deal to me.  I wanted them to see what was out there.  I wanted them to see what comes from hard work and discipline. 

I wasn’t perfect in this mission field, I didn’t always want to play.  But when I was with them, I was on top of the world.   I really miss them.  The kids in the hood used to chase my car when I would leave for work and say, “There she is!  Look there’s the teacher!  Hi Teacher!”  It was like being in a movie. 

There were some heartbreaks there, and some tough lessons I went through with the kids, but it was well worth it.  I hope what God taught them through me stuck with them, and they are remembering a way of peace in the valley of death.   

After you read this, maybe you can send up a prayer for them.  I am sure they could use it.  Couldn’t all of us?