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Hawaii November 3, 2007

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This was taken on the beach during sunset.  It was the best beach in my opinion.  Loved it.  Lots of photo ops.  This is just a taste of more to come from  my trip.  On this beach I even climbed a tree, in my bathing suit.  Great view from up there, and I do have a pic, but I doubt I will post it.  Not sure. Click on the pic to see the actual size. 


3 Responses to “Hawaii”

  1. jose Says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous. it hardly seems fair. i’ve never been to hawaii and you’ve been a bazillion times.

  2. smlwoman Says:

    LOL, I have only been twice. And only to one Island. Although this time I got to see the whole island! And by the way, I have never been on a cruise! Hardly seems fair… how many times have you been?

  3. smlwoman Says:

    oops, wrong words, I have gotten to go twice, not ONLY twice. But I would go again in a heart beat! Unless someting else came along that I haven’t been to yet.

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