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Cool or Just Plain Weird?? November 9, 2007

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 So today I was looking through a catalogue called Museum Tour.  It is filled with all sorts of cool educational, but fun toys.  This was on the second to last page and I didn’t know what to think.  Check it out. 


Pick Apart (and Put Back Together) What the Owl Ate for Dinner

Barn owls swallow and digest whole small rodents, then cough up the undigested parts in an odorless lump called a pellet. These pellets offer a fun and fascinating anatomy lesson for junior biologists. You’ll pick out the skeletal remains from the foil-covered pellet, then assemble them into a form that can be identified using the bone chart and illustrations in Owl Puke, the 96-page book that is a hoot to read.

Kit comes with 4 pellets and a bone tray. Ideal for kids’ parties and scouting clubs.

Extend the fun and learning with extra pellets.Ages 8-12

5074 – Owl Puke Book and 4 Pellets – $29.95

So as a kid, would you have liked receiving this as a gift? Would you have thought it was a cool thing? 

Now as an adult would you buy it for a kid?  What about your own children or nephews or neices? 

Would you be the cool adult or the weird adult? 

Just curious what you all thought.  By the way, amazon has it for half the price, but in this magazine you can buy extra pellets for hours of fun!


2 Responses to “Cool or Just Plain Weird??”

  1. smlwoman Says:

    So after thinking this one over, as a teacher, it is a cool experiment. As a parent, I guess it would depend on my kids. As an aunt, definately not at this time, but check back with me in five years. His mother would kill me. She would rather put up with a drum set I think.

  2. cheryl Says:

    3rd graders in Carson City all dissect owl pellets for science – they love it. Every child needs to do *something* intimate with something Wild.

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