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Sammy At Play November 17, 2007

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sammi-in-the-fall-of-2007.jpg  I was taking down and packing my Fall decorations, when Sammy jumped into my box of leaves.  He is so much like  kid when it comes to play.  He loved it, I took a bit of video too.  Basically he was trying to catch something in the pile of leaves, at least that is what it looked like.  He does the same thing with any pile that is going to make noise.  I had a huge pile of tissue paper on the floor while unpacking something and he would charge around the room and slide through the pile.  Then he would pounce all over it.  I’m not sure if it is the noise or the texture he likes, but it is too darn cute!  I think his black fur is a great contrast in the autumn colors. 


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