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Cute Mom! November 24, 2007

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I was walking, with my very young friend, through Circus Circus after the Queen Latifah Concert.  As we were walking out some teenage boys were near the door and one leaned against the stair well and stared at my friend.  I have to admit that even though he was looking at her it was a very intimidating feeling.  I could see why it bothers her.  However, as we walked past them I heard, “See, even her mom is cute.”

I asked Gen when we got to the door if I just heard, ” Even her mom is cute?”  She said yes.  We couldn’t help but laugh at the remark. 

Later she said, ” You don’t look like my mom, you look like my friend.”

I responded, “At least I was a cute mom.”


5 Responses to “Cute Mom!”

  1. jackswords Says:

    Way to go, Cute Mom!

    This will give Susan hope. She’s afraid people will think she’s babysitting someone else’s brown child.

  2. smlwoman Says:

    Naw, Even with the two very blonde fair skinned children I nanny for people assume they are mine. Once I had three blonde kids with me and someone asked, how did you luck out with three toe heads? Why they call blondes that I have no idea.

  3. jose Says:

    It’s actually tow not toe. Apparently, it’s related to spinning thread from flax, a plant. This makes sense to me then. Tow-headed and flaxen-haired are related.

  4. smlwoman Says:

    Now that makes sense. Thanks for the trivia! See why Jose Rocks at all trivia games?

  5. smlwoman Says:

    By the way this was the same friend that I mentioned in unexpected treasures, As you can see she is very young, but not a child. So to be thought of as her mom, was kind of a shocker. But her mom is my age. So again, I hang on to “cute mom”

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