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Childhood Forgotten December 2, 2007

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bare-feet.jpg “Children were not born to walk.  There were born to run — barefoot, over rocks, through the water, through the mud.  We need to give greater recognition to the energy and joy of children.”“Children were not born to wear shoes.   In our concern for hygiene and safety, we develop amnesia.  Give children a break!  Remember how good mud feels between the toes?”.  -Bev Boss

I am posting this comment after reading a post on the Lange Family blog, top ten worst toys 2007 post.  We really forget what it is like to be a child.  As a child, I didn’t need a jacket to play in the snow.  Some kids did.  I didn’t.  I could pick up frogs and not have to wash my hands right after.  I could ride my bike without a helmet, and I lived.  I could roller skate without knee pads and get scrapes on my knees.  I could drive my parents car sitting on my dads lap and no one would call the cops.  Why is childhood so rigid now a days?  The poor kids of today are probably on the computers and tv more because of us, not because it is what they really want to do.  They want to run and take risks, explore, get dirty, and definately not take a nap!  So why do we plop them down in front of the tv?  Is it really a built in babysitter or is it because we are afraid to let them get bumps and scrapes, and get dirty?  Or is it because of the fear of someone grabbing them when they are not in our site and we just don’t have the energy to be outside with them nonstop?  Whatever it is, our children are definately missing out on a lot of fun.


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