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A NEW Section- Activities for Kids to Play December 13, 2007

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I am going to add a new section to my blog on activities that are fun to do with kids.  This will be ideas from my years as a preschool teacher.  Many of these you can find on the net already, but a lot of my readers have kids of various ages, and I thought I would share some of my skills.  Some of them will be ideas of my own. 

ACTIVITIES FOR SNOW:hewey-dewey-louie-snowball.jpg

My first one will be for a snow project since we have some on the ground right now. 

1. Take a squirt bottle/spray bottle, like what you use when you are ironing clothes or spraying a plant.  Fill it with mostly water and some food color, or some paint for color.  We used powdered tempra paint at the schools.  If you use paint, it has to be very thin, or it will clog the spray nossel.  Make a few different colored bottles up and fill it to the top because they will use it all.  Then take the kids outside and let them paint the snow.  Encourage them to draw pictures, or talk about the colors etc.  The only rule; only spray the snow.  As the snow melts the colors go away, much like sidewalk chalk.  They can even paint their snowmen that they have made. 

2. For littler kids, it gets cold real fast for them.  So to keep them warm but to let them still experience the snow, bring some inside in a tupperware or a small tub and let the kids play with it, eat it, etc.  Sit on the floor and do it with them.  We would lay down a drop cloth or a towel under the tub so it didn’t matter if they dropped it.  Either way, it’s only water and won’t cause damage.  If they are too young to sit on their own, put it on their high chair tray.  They will love it! 

3. Finally, for those of you who don’t get snow, or for those of us in Reno, where the snow rarely stays on the ground in the valley, here is a way to have some snow fun of your own.   Take some old newspapers, and have the kids help you wadd the paper into a ball, tape it up, (do not make them tight, they will hurt or cause damage)and then have a snowball fight.  You can use tissue paper, or pompoms ( we would make our own pom poms out of white yarn and make them large), or socks, or anything that will roll up into a ball but won’t hurt when you throw it.  Make two forts, one for you one for them and then on the count of one… two… three… ATTACK!    The kids will think you are the coolest parents in the world and will remember it always.  You can even make a snowman by using white garbage bags, and filling them with crumbled up paper and stacking them.  Cut out your own facial features with construction paper and then use your old hats and scarfs.  When you are tired of him, knock him down, and then throw the papers in the recycle bin! 

Hope you enjoy these ideas!  If you have any fun activities of your own that you and your cutie like to do, share them in the comment section.  If you try any of the ideas, let us know how the activity went and how the kids liked them.  Keep an eye out for more ideas to come soon.


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