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Much Tougher Without Insurance December 16, 2007

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I find it interesting how much tougher I am now that I don’t have insurance.  I only go to the doctor as a last resort.  I had some skin irritation that I thought would go away, I waited for almost three months before I realized it wasn’t going to heal itself, and I there was nothing over the counter for it.  After going to the dermitologist I discovered I was right.   Although it won’t go away for about two years.  I get colds and I treat them holisticly now, something I never believed in.  And then comes Friday night.

We have had snow, that melts and becomes ice at night.  I worked a 14 hour day, got home Friday night to discover I forgot the remote to the outside lights in the house. Parked the car so the headlights lit up the door locks, planning on moving the car after I unlocked the doors.  Only focused on the door I slipped on a patch of ice that was not there that morning when I left.  I fell hard into sharp jagged rocks that line my driveway.  It hurt.  It hurt bad enough to make me cry.  After getting inside and moving my car I went back in to check the damage.  My hand hurt like crazy but had no marks.  My knee didn’t hurt so bad, but felt wet.  Not a good sign.  I kept finding rocks in the house that had fallen out of my knee.  I gouged it pretty bad.  The skin pushed way down.  I was afraid I would need stitches.  I began to panick.  Call my dad, he has had bad cuts before, maybe he can help.  He comes to my place in a hurry with my mom.  It’s pretty bad, but he thinks it will heal on it’s own.  We clean it, pull the skin back to the top of my knee and apply neosporin, and put bandages on it.  I sleep on the couch to keep from moving the skin around.  Hoping it would heal in place.  By Saturday night it is a big nasty looking mess.  No infections, but it will be a horrid scar. 

If I had insurance I would have gone to get stitches at the emergency room.  I considered going to urgent care in the morning, but decided against it. 

They say having scars tells stories, no scar no proof.  But it’s not like I cut my knee while riding dirt bikes.  I have no scars to prove my glory days on bikes.  This was not a cool story to tell, this was signs of getting old, and slipping on ice that I should have seen if I was more careful. 

When I had insurance, I went to the doctor for things I never should have gone in for.  Now I put up with things like this…

cut-knee-2-sml.jpg  That dog bone shape of skin was pushed all the way down.  I lifted it up and pulled it as straight as I could, but by morning it was bunched up into this shape.  Now it is going to heal this way.  But at least I don’t have a 600 + doctor bill.

I have heard that people like me are the reason insurnace cost is so high.  Those of us who have hmo or ppo, go to the doctor for things that could resolve itself and therefor push the insurance premiums up high.  When we have it, we need to pretend we don’t and use it only when we really need to.  But it is hard because you pay so much for it, that you feel like you should be able to use it whenever you want.  But it just seems to waist not only money, but time as well.   

Now my theory, though I don’t put it into practice is that if you put the ammount you pay in premiums into a savings account and use it only for medical, you won’t really need insurance.  We pay so much for it, that by the time we really need it, we have already paid for the treatment.  Plus we still need to pay twenty percent or more or the deductables.  Depending on your insurance.   I digress. 

Praise God I didn’t have to go get stitches even though it might have looked better in the end. 


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  1. **Gen** Says:

    Oh my gosh that looks so bad. I’m glad your alright. I also did not have insurance for two years and I was always was extra careful. I didn’t go to the dentist for that period and thought it would be no big deal. recently, through my new employer I received insurance. When I went to the dentist one of my molars had a very bad cavity. After analazing it some more The dentist said I would be needing a root canal because it had spread so close to the nerve. The surgery ended up costing me $1700.00!! with insurance!!!! If I would have gone in earlier they would have just filled it and it would have only cost $50.00. Just be extra safe and I will pray for your knee to get better.

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