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Sammy and the KREN Pet Of the Month Contest December 18, 2007

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I entered my cat in Kren’s pet of the month contest.  You can view Sammy’s photo here

He has some tough competition.  The biggest one is a super cute pic of this dog laying on a bed with his christmas toy.  It looks like he is smiling.  So I may have to reenter Sammy.  They spelled his name wrong, but I can see why.  Anyways, if you click on the link above and scroll down you will see where you can vote for which animal pic you like best.  Don’t feel like you have to vote for Sam.  And if yo do vote, they will ask for a bunch of info, but all you have to give is your email addy and zip code.  I just left the rest of it blank.  Then I voted.  I just wanted to share this.  If you look, let me know what you think of the competition.  This is the pic of Sam I used.



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