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Random Acts of Kindness or the Spirit’s Prompting? December 27, 2007

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I kind of understand why, but December always seems to bring about a desire to do random acts of kindness.  But I don’t feel like mine are so random.  I really feel like God is the one pushing me to do them. 

I find that I get more out of the acts then the receiver does.  Actually, I can’t know that for sure, but I do get a lot from the act. 

Many times I am trusting God in the Act.  Approaching strangers is scary.  Especially for me.  Because I  feel like it is God prompting me to do this, I decided to purchase some of those business size cards for inspiration.  All of them giving hope of the existence of God.  I give them along with whatever the act is.  I will try to explain why I feel like it is the Spirit is the one guiding me in these acts.

I remember one time I was driving on a side street in Milwaukee.  I saw a phone repair man servicing something in a big hole in the ground.  He was working alone, and standing there keeping an eye on a huge hose connected to his truck going into the hole.  A lot of time for thoughts to run through your mind.  It was also freezing outside.  It was below zero that day.  I drove by and got a strong urge to get him a cup of hot chocolate.  I had no idea where to buy it at, and I had little money.  I was not very familiar with this area of town.  I drove slowly trying to figure out what to do.  I began talking to God and saying I really didn’t want to do this.  But the urge would not go away.  I had my cards in my wallet, and knew I should give one with the hot cocoa.  I argued and said, I have no idea where to get the hot cocoa at, and I don’t know if I could find my way back to the guy.  But the urge would not go away.  There was a small independent gas station across the street.  So I finally said, ” OK God, if you want me to really do this, please let this gas station sell cocoa at a price I can afford.”   

Now to get “across the street” in this area was like trying to cross four lanes on the freeway.  Both directions.  There was no easy way to do this and no other businesses around to make u-turns.  After making it across the street, I walked into the gas station and saw one small pot of hot cocoa.  I grinned and asked, ” how much is your hot cocoa?” 

“Fifty cents a cup.”

I shook my head with a quiet laugh, and filled a cup.

I paid for the cocoa and worked my way back across the street.  The guy was still there standing in the same place.  Arms crossed over his chest, assuming he was trying to keep warm .  I pulled over on the side street, parked my car.  Grabbed the card out of my wallet and walked over to the man and handed him the cocoa and the card. 

“Here you go, hope it warms you up.”

“Really?  Wow, thanks!”  He laughed and I said goodbye, running to my car. 

As I buckled my seat belt I saw him read the card.  He looked up and smiled and raised his cup to me and said thank you.  Then he took a sip of the cocoa.  I smiled and waved and took off. 

Afterwards I felt so good.  Why?  I trusted God.  I made someone smile.  If doing small things like this makes us feel so good, why don’t we do more of them?  I wondered to myself if perhaps the man was having a conversation with God?  Could he have asked God if He was real?  Could the act have been God’s answer? What if I didn’t do the act, would someone else?  I had many different cards in my wallet.  This is the card I gave him.


They are questions I will never get answered.  I have no idea what it did for him.  But I do know what it did for me.  I didn’t know it would be beneficial for me as well when I was contemplating getting the cocoa.  It was like being on a high.  I am sure my adrenaline was cruising through my veins. 

Most of my acts seem to come from God.  I really get strong urges, and I still argue about it sometimes, though not as much any more.  It is like a child poking you in the arm, pulling on a pant leg, or saying your name over and over again until you respond.  I have had much harder ones to do.  It’s not easy to walk up to strangers, but give it a try some time. 

There have been a few, very few, times I have done this on my own.  Although I still think even those come from God.  I love to do this to people who seem to be having a bad day.  Like a cashier that just dealt with someone yelling at them or giving them a bad time with a return or purchase.  Or to people standing outside working.  Like the bell ringers, or utility line workers, or construction workers.  Or the people selling newspapers on really hot summer days. Maybe God and I are just on the same page those days.

 Be open to what God has for you to do each day.  Let Him guide your actions and your thoughts and you will be surprised how different your day can be.


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