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Winter in Wisconsin December 30, 2007

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This picture was taken by one of my friends in WI.  It is next to his house.  This is why I liked Winter in WI.  Can you belive that is only 7″ of snow?  He lives in a Beautiful area, with incredible views.  I wish I could take you all there one day. 

You really should click on the picture to get the full beauty of it.

holy-hill-winter-sml.jpg  Here is another picture of Holy Hill.   Another beautiful area.   Click on this pic and look at the larger version so you can see the church on the top of the hill in the background.  I made the first pic my computer background. 


6 Responses to “Winter in Wisconsin”

  1. smlwoman Says:

    My friend came on the site and looked at his pics. Here is what he said in an email back to me:

    Thanks Jody. It is amazing. The storm from this past Friday – well, the snow is still hanging still on all the trees.
    I have never seen it so beautiful like this for so long. Have a Happy & blessed New Year.

    That was a fresh 7 inches on top of the massive amounts we have had all month.
    It has been very snowy…I hope your Reno friends like the photo. I will send you a few more. I took 50 or so Sat AM after the storm.

  2. Wendy Says:

    Hi SMLWoman/Jody:

    I love this picture of Holy Hill. We’d love to feature it on Congressman Sensenbrenner’s new website. It wouldn’t get a photo credit (none do) and we wouldn’t pay, but it would be there for all to see right at the top to represent Wisconsin’s winter. If you could grant us permission to use it, we’d love to do that.

    Please contact me at 202-225-5101 if you’re interested.


    • smlwoman Says:

      Wendy,I think that is a very nice comment. However, the picture is not mine to give permission to use. It is my friends picture. I forwarded on your comment and also sent it to a mutual friend to make sure he gets the information. Either you or I will hear from him soon. I agree, it is a great picture and he has a great eye!

      • Kevin Struck Says:

        Hi Jody,

        I’m wondering if you ever received a reply from your friend. I would also like to use the photo, on my quarterly newsletter, which goes out to local plan commissioners and town board members. I would give the photographer credit and would even pay ($10) if need be.


      • smlwoman Says:

        Hi Kevin,
        he would probably go for that. The other person didnt’ even want to give him credit for the pic. I will forward your request to him. He did respond to the other person. Thanks for asking!

  3. Winter ,Wisconsin best town great fireworks ,friendly Coop terrific memories of growing up and parades and breakfasts at hotel.

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