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need a good home January 15, 2008

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harley-lay-down.jpgMy parents got my nephew a cocker spaniel. However, Harley lives with my parents and my nephew does not. She is two years old.  She is black and tan.  She is up to date on all her shots and she is not spayed yet.  She is full of energy and a sweet pup.  She needs training to not bark when someone comes to the door.  She sits very still and quietly while you are eating food at the table.  She knows sit, and stay.   My parents are too old for a dog with this much energy.  She likes to go on walks, and is good on walks.  I know because I take her when I can.  She loves to play fetch.  She does like to hide her toys, so we don’t let her take them outside anymore.  She is good with other dogs, and good with children. She is also good when left in the house alone.  She does not like to be locked in a room, we give her free range of the house. She has never caused any damage while my parents are out.  And she has been as long as six hours alone. 

My parents asked me to help them find a home for her because they don’t have enough energy for a dog.  Something I was telling them all along.  I am at a loss.  I would take her, but I have a cat who does not like dogs, and I am not home all day.  I would likely come home to a chewed up cat or a scratched up dog.  She loves to sit in a lap, or curl up next to you.  She sleeps through the night and loves to cuddle at the foot of your bed.  She seems to get attatched to the men in the family right away.  I will get a pic of her asap, and post it on here, but for now I want to get the info out there.  If any of you are interested in a new pal, or know someone who might be, please let me know.

After Thursday she will be with the SPCA.  They will Spay her and micro chip her.  And they will find her a good home.  Thankfully they are taking her, because if a stranger took her I would be afraid of her becoming  a puppy machine.  I am sad to see her go.  Especially after spending time with her again today.  She is very teachable.  Very lovable.  I will miss her.



One Response to “need a good home”

  1. jackswords Says:

    I don’t know of anyone offhand except maybe us, but that wouldn’t be a good idea. She sounds precious.

    Susan’s mom just bought a Yorkie puppy. Things are going well, but she’s wearing on the poor woman.

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