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The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, Really Didn’t Do Anything! January 20, 2008

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pirates.jpgIn the theaters in Reno that is. I was waiting and waiting for this movie to come out.  I was so excited to have a movie to take my nephew to and the kids I nanny for.  But because I was so sick the first week, and the kids activities were not coinciding with times, I never got to take them. 

Of course it didn’t help that the movie only stayed in the theaters for ONE week! It also only came to two of the Century theaters! 

What was Cinemark thinking?  Let’s put the movie in downtown theater so that all the parents can drop their kids off and go gambling?  They should have put it at Sparks and Summit. 

What happened?  It did so much less in the first weekend then Jonah did? 

I am seriously dissapointed. 

Did the crowd not show up because they aren’t using verses in the cartoons on tv?  I just don’t get it.


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