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Christians Slandering the Name of God January 26, 2008

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I am so done with the so called Christians in this world that insist on taking scripture out of text and using it to spread their evil ignorant views of God. 

By now everyone knows about Heath Ledger.  Talking to my brother last night he informed me that a “Bible Hugger” came into his place of work and announced to everyone that she was happy that Heath is dead and that he is rotting in hell for his portrayal of a homosexual man.  He is being punished for not doing God’s work and spreading God’s word of His hatred of gays. 

My stomache churned, my face grew hot, tears stung my eyes, my whole body began to shake.  I am so pissed off about this.  I tried to explain to my brother that no real Christian would EVER say they were happy someone had died and was burning in hell.  Any REAL Christian would be mourning at the loss of a soul who may not have known Jesus as their saviour.  It should break their heart wondering where that persons soul is for eternity. 

Then on the news tonight they report of a church that is going to protest a local fallen soldier’s funeral.  Saying all of Americas soldiers that have died are being punished for Americas acceptance of homosexuality. 

I am so done.  I can’t even put into words how angry I am.  I am physically sick. I can’t stop crying.  I don’t even want to pray for forgiveness for these people.  I am just done.

I am a born again Christian, and I am going to find a way to shout as loud as I can that these people are NOT Christian. 

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, that which a man sows he shall also reap.  These people will be held accountable for their words.

I am so done.   This is NOT Christianity.  Jesus would be there to say, “let him who has no sin cast the first stone.”  He would put these people in their place. 

I am so done.  Here is a link if you want to do something and take a stand.


8 Responses to “Christians Slandering the Name of God”

  1. Dani Says:

    Though I am not a Christian woman, (rather a Positive Pagan), I share your passion for acceptance and shouting that no real believer in any positive deity would denounce others so quickly and readily.

    Judgment is not in our hands, I’ll agree with you. And those who seek to dole it out sadly have not truly met their creator and felt those blessings in their lives – I feel sorrow and pity for them in addition to my frustration and sometimes anger. We do, in fact, reap what we sow. Let it be light and love from those of us who truly believe and let us be examples of real faith to those who need but a candle to show them the way.

  2. Dawson Says:

    I get a little scared when people seemingly speak for God and know why He does something or doesn’t do something else. I think our God is bigger than that. As for this particular event, I am saddened. We are called to love people and share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. We do not rejoice in the suffering of others. Rather, we weep with those who weep. There is nothing “neat” about hell, and except for the Lord’s grace I would be there now. But, what is our response to those who pervert the gospel? Even Jesus, while on the cross, said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” These “Christians” are lost in legalism and hate. They probably need a hug and an example of Jesus in their own lives. They so quickly pick on homosexuality and ignore a number of “Christian sins” that are socially acceptable – like jealousy, anger, hate, hypocrisy, greed, lust, etc. Don’t get too depressed. God can stand up for Himself, and the more these “Christians” talk, the more of an opportunity we get to show them the true love of Christ. Just think, we even have an opportunity to direct a new kind of church where we would help with, sponsor, and encourage an AIDS walk! We can teach future generations that the love of Christ is far more powerful than hateful words. We can be used by God to show people His truth through our actions which are far more powerful than anything anyone can say. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight which is focused on fighting the evil one rather than people.

  3. ridor9th Says:

    Well, xians are perverts. May they burn in Hell.

    When Fred Phelps dies, I’ll organize a massive festival to celebrate his death.

    Xians are extremists just like Muslims and others.

    Using the fake book as facts to make your claims ain’t the way to go.


  4. smlwoman Says:

    I did not want to allow ridor9th’s post, but as I emailed ridor about the comment, I felt it was worth it for true Christians to see what these people who claim to be christians are doing. For them to see the effects of the swine they are spreading.

    I also am posting my comment to ridor following this:

    I am just learning about this Fred Phelps. And I truly dislike this man and his followers. They are his followers and not Jesus’s followers. Your comments are passionate, and ring some truth to them.

    But I am not sure I will allow the post because you are really doing the same thing Phelps followers are doing. And I HATE that. If you truly understood Hell, you would not wish anyone to go there. There are perverts in the Christian Faith. I promise you there are in all faiths. I guarentee you there are sinners in the Christian faith. Every single one of us are sinners. Believers and nonbelievers. That is a more acceptable comment. If we weren’t sinners we wouldn’t need Jesus.

    You can call the Bible Fake, I have no problem with that because it has been said before, yet is still stands the test of time. I disagree that it is fake. I believe it to be very true. The Bible can defend itself.

    And there are extremeist in Christianity just like Muslims. But not all Muslims are extremests and not all Christians are extremests.

    Your post is truely the results of what these people are doing. So maybe I will allow it just to show others what it really does. But my church, a christian church called Corem Deo marched with the people in the aids march. We are there to support them, not condem them. Hopefully more churches will join us. I heard that Sierra Bible did something similar with an aids organization. There is hope out there.

    I am learning about an organization called Patriot Guard Riders. They may be a group I would like to join. As I learn more about them I will post it on here. They are trying to protect the funeral services from this group that shows up to protest. I do think it is important for Churches to take a stand against these kind of groups.

    Jesus did it. He grabbed the attention of everyone who was ready to stone the woman accused of being a prostetute by bending down and writing in the dirt. Then He challenged them by saying, ” Let he who has no sin throw the first stone.” Not one person threw the stones. Jesus saved this woman. He taught her the true love a christianity. That is what churches who dissagree with this group should do. There are plenty of verses to write on signs that would counteract what they are saying. They don’t even use scripture, they just throw out hateful words.

    We need to take a stand. We need to show respect to our fallen soildiers and their families. I am going to find a way to do this.


  5. smlwoman Says:

    This is the email I got back from a member of the reno Patriot Guard Riders. It tells you what happened at the funeral of fallen soldier Sgt. Sean Gual.

    Today’s Mission in Reno.
    See photos here:

    Here is my MySpace blog regarding today’s events.

    Not In My Town

    As the protesters ran to their car, they frantically called back to their “church” and declared, “The Reno mission is a complete failure!” Only 15 minutes into their 45 minute protest, three members of the hategroup, Westboro Baptist Church, gave up their “mission” in the face of narly 200 Patriot Guard members and citizens of northern Nevada.

    If you’re not familar with the Westboro Baptist Church, google them, and you’ll learn everything you need to know. They pervert the Constitution (many of the members are lawyers) and the pervert the Bible. They are not affliated with any Baptist organization, but are essentailly a “church” consisting of only family members. The WBC has taken up protesting the funerals of service personnel who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan with their hateful signs declaring, “Thank God of IEDs,” “Semper Fi Faggot,” and others. Their justification is that “God” is punishing America by killing service men and women, having devastating hurricanes ruin entire cities, and yes, even the events of September 11, for America’s embrace of the homosexual lifestyle. Believe or not, this is what they espouse, and it’s disgusting.

    So, I have dreamed and prayed for the day when I could confort the WBC, and would frequently check their website. Due to the unfortuante loss of a soldier in Iraq, I saw that they were coming to Reno to protest his funeral. My sweet Eric said that he would not bail me out of jail if I “confronted” them, and we agreed that we would follow the lead of the Patriot Guard, a motorcycle group, who by invitation, protects and shields the family of the fallen soldier from the WBC group. Fortunately, I was able to make contact with the local chapter of the Patriot Guard.

    Eric joining the group.

    So, this morning, we joined the group. The intent was the surround the WBC and hide their signs with American flags. This picture does not even capture half the group.

    This is where you can see just barely a part of the WBC’s sign. The Patriot Guard use their American flags to obscure the signs.

    After 15 minutes, and a lot of verbal harrassement, the WBC left for their car. The entire group, peacefully and non-violently, followed them to make sure they left. Thereafter, the Patriot Guard lined both sides of the street, to the honking support of many cars. Yet, there was one car, a rental, that dared to drive up and down a couple of times, giving us the finger…it was the WBC. Too cowardly to truly stand-up for their sick beliefs, yet piggish enough to taunt the group as they zoomed past att 45 mph.

    I am very proud of my family, Eric, Alex, and our good friend, Adam, who stood up for what is right. I know that others wanted to join us, and were prevented due to circumstances, but they were there with us in spirit.

    Past veterans and a future one.

    The Patriot Guard, and us, too, stayed until the end of the service, creating a huge honor guard in front of the church. The strains of the bagpipes signaled the conclusion of the service, and the grieving family came out to thank the Patriot Guards. Even in their moment of grief, the family moved down the flag line, personally thanking each person and shaking their hand.

    I love the Constitution of the United States of America, and I will defend a person’s right to take full advantage of all the freedoms therein. And if the WBC want to protest in front of a federal building, or their own church, go right ahead. But a family’s private grief is not to be appropriated to further their sick agenda. I’m proud how we “ran them out of town,” and I hope that we never have another occassion to have to address them again.

  6. smlwoman Says:

    go to the link in the comment above this one, the pictures are very encouraging.

  7. smalls Says:

    Now, the rest of the story from our Northern Ride Captain, Dave Burke:

    Well Gentlemen,

    Now you can say you heard it from the horses mouth. Our mission today was a complete success. The protesters showed up at 10:00 am with their garbage. Approximately 200 people (PGR, concerned citizens, and children) walked from the Church to greet these people. Law enforcement was kind enough to inform us as to their arrival. They were quickly surrounded by American flags with everyone’s back turned to them. The sheer number of people and flags almost completely eliminated them from sight (every once in a while you could get a glimpse of the color of their signs which were also the same color of our flags). The protesters never stood a chance of getting their message across or even seen by the family and those attending the service. After 20 minutes they gave up and we were kind enough to walk them to their vehicle so they could leave. One of our members interviewed was asked by the press where were the protesters, and 2 of the Reno radio stations said the protesters never showed up. That’s how complete the elimination of their message was. To all those that attended I cannot thank you enough for making my job interesting and for the most part, easy. Both the Gaul and Hawley families were kind enough to come out after the service and thank us each for being there.

    Again thank you to everyone for a highly successful mission & your show of support for our soldiers,


  8. minnowspeaks Says:

    I hope the Patriot Guard can continue to shut down the WBC’s activities at funerals. I hope the rest of the body of believers can begin to pray for the WBC. The founder and followers of this group must truly be hurting people if they can be so full of hate and mistake it for God. Hurt people end up hurting people but Jesus brought freedom, healing, and forgiveness to all, not just the ones we like or understand.

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