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Lost Dog Found In Sun Valley February 28, 2008

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 Found Stray Male dog, no collar, tangled choke chain, not microchipped, no tags.


Phone number 775-353-8900

With no microchip I hope someone calls for him soon. (more…)


Foster Care Orientation Prayer February 27, 2008

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My first class was last Tuesday.  I missed it.  I had my notebook in the car and was going right after work, but an hour before leaving work, I got a severe migrane.  I tried to take aleve, but it didn’t touch it.  I didn’t take the migrane meds because they have caffein in them, and that is what I gave up for lent.  So I wound up going home.  It was so bad that I had to just go to bed.  I know not drinking caffein can cause these headaches, but the beginning of lent was a while ago, so I shouldn’t have them from that.  It was my second one that week, I had one Sunday as well, and I didn’t understand why I was getting them.  To keep this short, I am asking for prayer.  Sometimes when I am trying to accomplish something important, I feel attacked.  Things like this often happen to keep me from the event.  Please pray that I make the next class without any hitches.  I think even if I have a migrane, I will go anyways this time.  My next class is scheduled for  March 11th.  Any prayers are appreciated.

Thanks bunches


Blogging Lent: Doing Above and Beyond February 25, 2008

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Woman, behold your son: behold your mother(John 19:26-27).


Here’s Jesus on the cross.  He has been beaten to being unrecognizable.  He is still being mocked.  He is naked.  And he is still caring more about us then about Himself. 

He paid the price for us on that cross.  The price that should have been ours to bare.  That should be enough wouldn’t you think?  Would you expect Him to keep blessing us, and taking care of us?  (more…)


Free Starbucks Coffee February 24, 2008

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I went with my church, Corem Deo, for my first servant evangelism activity.  It was very intersting. 

The Goal:
To give away coffee on a cold day to the public, with no strings attatched.  No donations, no schpeels, just doing a random act of kindness in our community. ” Trying to show Jesus’ love in a practical way. ”

pros: The people were friendly even if they weren’t interested, we talked to some people, they learned about our church if they asked, and they got a nice hot drink on a really cold day, we got to put the Word into practice.

Cons: getting people to accept the free gift, not everyone likes coffee. 




Good-Bye Kiddy February 20, 2008

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So I am bringing my car to Toyota tonight, and picking up the new one.  It still isn’t totally mine until I have that green paper for dmv, but I am taking a chance. I don’t want to drive my brother’s truck in the snow.


So I rinsed Kiddy off, and emptied her out.  Saying good-bye is bitter sweet.  My friend MaryAnn in WI names her cars.  I have done this in the past too, but not since I was a teen.  My blue Dodge Dart was the smurf mobile.  It was baby blue inside and out.  My Yellow Dodge Colt was named Ceicel because of the way the letters were on the license plates.  But all the rest were just cars.  My friend said I really should give my car a name.  So since I felt like she was a playful car full of spunk, I named her Kiddy Kia. (more…)


I Think I’ve Been Patient Long Enough February 17, 2008

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I said this recently to a friend.  He said it should be my tag line.  So it is at the moment.  I do feel this way at times. 

I definately felt this way when it came to finding a husband.  To the point to where I considered dating nonchristian guys.  Now I am just resigned to being single.  I just try not to dwell on it.  I am moving forward with my life instead of waiting around for God to bring a guy into my life.  Hense, fostering to adopt.  Adoption has been my dream since I was a kid.  I thought I had to have a husband to do this.  Someone said I was selfish to adopt without being married.  It wasn’t fair to the kids not to have a mom and a dad.  But right now they don’t have any parent, so why not just a mom?  I’ve been patient long enough.  20 years to be exact.  9 horrible dates in 20 years.  Can you immagine?  I don’t get it, I think I’m a good catch, but it doesn’t seem to be in God’s plans.  So I resigned.

I also felt this way recently with the car situation.  (more…)



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I love this show.  When I am bummed out, I pop in a favorite season and watch it.  No matter how much I have watched this show, I still laugh out loud a lot. 

There are some scenes that I have thought wow, wouldn’t it be cool to have friends like that?  Like when Pheobe and Monica are trying out Hot wax for the first time and Joey and Chandler come running in with pots and pans to rescue the girls.  They had no clue what they were going to run into, they just heard their friends screaming and came to protect them. 

Another time is when the super makes Rachael cry and Joey goes down to defend her. 

When Pheobe has to say goodbye to a guy she really likes and Joey comes up behind her and just holds her. Or when Ross buys phoebe a bike because she never had one as a kid.  Now I know they all have writers, but it is really the way God intended isn’t it? 

For a friend to lay down their life for another.  Thinking about all the friendships in the Bible…ok, I can’t think of them right now, but I know they are there.  I just can’t remember the names, David and his friend, and Ruth and Naomi, etc.   

They also have some moments of being upfront and honest with each other.  But it doesn’t ruin their relationship.  The Bible is full of verses like that as well.  “Better is open rebuke then love carefully conceiled.”   

Anyways, I am watching the show now, and I just felt like mentioning them on my blog.