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Movie Review-Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything February 7, 2008

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So lately, Fandago is really messing up the theaters here in Reno.  I posted about this movie earlier and was frustrated that after only two weeks it was no longer playing in Reno.  Apparently it has been playing at the Summit theater since it opened up to today. 

This is not the first time Fandango has made mistakes like this.  And I think they are costing the theaters a lot of money as well as the movies.  When I went to see I Am Legend, Fandango said that the sparks theater first two showings were sold out.  So we planned to go to the park lane theater.  Only to find out that the Fandago site was wrong.  They had only four people in the first showing, and they had only 8 in the second showing. 

Cinemark really should do something about this.

But lets move on the review.  We went to get haircuts at snipits.  Saw kids and parents going into the theater.  Went in to see What kids movies were out.  And there was Pirates!  It was the last day to see it, and the last time of the day.  We had five minutes to make a decision.  So we went in to see it. 

I am so glad we went!  It was such a fun movie!  Lots of laughs, scary cheetos (praying for no nightmares), and great music.  All in line with a typical Veggie tales.  As for the mention of God, it was done very similar to Max Lucados You Are Special.  It will take some explaining to the kids to get the comparison.  Not so typical of Veggie Tales.  I hope they are not caving into Hollywood’s politically correct junk. But a great movie!  So if you missed it at the theaters, definately get it on DvD.  I plan to buy it, I know the kids will watch it over and over.  On the way home we sang the Pirates Who Don’t do Anything song.  I taught it to the kids and then we sang our hearts out.  It was a fun, fun event!

Oh, we did make it to get the hair cuts.  But only by 20 minutes.  Really how much time do  you need anyways? 


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