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Picking a Football Team February 8, 2008

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giants_logo.jpgI never watched football before.  Living in WI I watched it.  Mostly because most of my friends were packer friends.  Many of them were the die hard Packer Fans.  Some of them were even the Psyco Packer fans.  

I decided after moving home to Reno and realizing my brother and my Father watch football, I should at least pick a team to support.  I really didn’t want to be a Packer Fan.  Don’t like the colors.  Don’t really want to be razzed that much.  It’s not like I’m in WI anymore.  I thought about the Vikings.  My dad likes them.  I like the colors.  And when in WI I would always cheer for them when playing against the Packers.  I even defaced a couple of Packer Balloons by writing Vikings #1 on them.  But I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure I wanted this team either. 

Is color a big deal?  Of course!  You have to wear them. 

During SuperBowl I wanted the Giants to win.  Why?  I am a NY native.  Brooklyn to be exact.  Also, the Patriots won a superbowl already, recently.  Not like ages ago. As my friend says, I need to “rep” NY.   And they won!  It was a fun game to watch. 

Now as for a team, the Giants might have to be it.  Not because the won the superbowl.  Although many will think that.  And they can if they want.  Over time it would prove wrong.  Once I pick a team, I will be loyal. 

It was the interview of David Tyree on the Ellen show.

He was sincerely humble.  And truely thankful for the gifts Ellen gave him.  This is a guy who can afford anything, but he really got excited with the things she gave him.  He really didn’t take any credit for the great catch he made.  He really feels it was a miracle.  Sounded like it came from God.  But no proof on that yet.  He could have been “it’s all me”  I am the best, etc. etc.  So if this is my team, it is because of him. 

Oh, and the colors are perfect!  Grey and blue not my fave, but the red, red is awsome! 


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