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Friends February 17, 2008

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I love this show.  When I am bummed out, I pop in a favorite season and watch it.  No matter how much I have watched this show, I still laugh out loud a lot. 

There are some scenes that I have thought wow, wouldn’t it be cool to have friends like that?  Like when Pheobe and Monica are trying out Hot wax for the first time and Joey and Chandler come running in with pots and pans to rescue the girls.  They had no clue what they were going to run into, they just heard their friends screaming and came to protect them. 

Another time is when the super makes Rachael cry and Joey goes down to defend her. 

When Pheobe has to say goodbye to a guy she really likes and Joey comes up behind her and just holds her. Or when Ross buys phoebe a bike because she never had one as a kid.  Now I know they all have writers, but it is really the way God intended isn’t it? 

For a friend to lay down their life for another.  Thinking about all the friendships in the Bible…ok, I can’t think of them right now, but I know they are there.  I just can’t remember the names, David and his friend, and Ruth and Naomi, etc.   

They also have some moments of being upfront and honest with each other.  But it doesn’t ruin their relationship.  The Bible is full of verses like that as well.  “Better is open rebuke then love carefully conceiled.”   

Anyways, I am watching the show now, and I just felt like mentioning them on my blog.   


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