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Good-Bye Kiddy February 20, 2008

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So I am bringing my car to Toyota tonight, and picking up the new one.  It still isn’t totally mine until I have that green paper for dmv, but I am taking a chance. I don’t want to drive my brother’s truck in the snow.


So I rinsed Kiddy off, and emptied her out.  Saying good-bye is bitter sweet.  My friend MaryAnn in WI names her cars.  I have done this in the past too, but not since I was a teen.  My blue Dodge Dart was the smurf mobile.  It was baby blue inside and out.  My Yellow Dodge Colt was named Ceicel because of the way the letters were on the license plates.  But all the rest were just cars.  My friend said I really should give my car a name.  So since I felt like she was a playful car full of spunk, I named her Kiddy Kia.

Kiddy took me half way across the us only two weeks after I got her. This is at the Wyoming and Nebraska Border. joe-in-wyoming.jpg  She drove me safely through tons of WI snow.  She even put up with WI Thunderstorms with the top off.  She was not put together well, but that is not her fault.  Deep down, she was as reliable as she could be.  But putting a name on a car and thinking of it as a she, makes it hard to say goodbye.

She made it through life in the “Hood”.  No one messed with her and everyone watched out for both of us.  Even the drug dealer next door knew when I was coming and would offer to move his car so I could park in front of my home instead of down three houses.   The kids would see her and start chasing us screaming, “There she is!  It’s the teacher!  Hi teacher!” 

Then five years later she drove me home to Reno.  Here in Reno, I have done a lot of work on her.  She made it to about 90,000 miles before I did any major work on her.  With the exception of a new starter right before I left for Reno.  She needed it much earlier, but I had no money.  We fixed her four wheel drive, and man, that made all the difference in the world driving on the streets of Reno in the winter.  And this winter was definately a snowy one.kiddy-kia-snowy-red.jpg kiddy-kia-snowy-white.jpg

 We replaced her entire exhaust system, and a cadalitic converter.  We rebuilt the front axels so that the four wheel drive would work properly, and Kia was too cheap to take care of their mistakes.  “Lets just put a bulletine out and let them pay $2,000 to fix it properly.”  We put brand new tires on her, and have changed her breaks twice this year.  As well as the drum.  She is not mechanically sound, but she was a loyal car.  As loyal as a car can be.  I hope someone comes along and drives her for another hundred miles and can keep her running that long.  My favorite times with her were driving cross country, to the beaches, and to Great America with the top down and Country music blasting from the stereo!  And the day she was paid in full.  I will miss you Kiddy.img_0556.jpgI wish they would have built you better.


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