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Free Starbucks Coffee February 24, 2008

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I went with my church, Corem Deo, for my first servant evangelism activity.  It was very intersting. 

The Goal:
To give away coffee on a cold day to the public, with no strings attatched.  No donations, no schpeels, just doing a random act of kindness in our community. ” Trying to show Jesus’ love in a practical way. ”

pros: The people were friendly even if they weren’t interested, we talked to some people, they learned about our church if they asked, and they got a nice hot drink on a really cold day, we got to put the Word into practice.

Cons: getting people to accept the free gift, not everyone likes coffee. 


It was a fun experience.  I would start out by asking if people liked to drink coffee.  Sometimes I would hand them a cup of hot Joe.  I learned a lot of ways to avoid soliciters.  I also learned how hard of a job it is and I would not want to be a soliciter.  What a crummy job. 

If you are a single guy, this is a good way to get used to rejection when asking girls out.  I would get turned down and quick walk bys with so many people, but when that one person decided to talk to me and get a free cup of coffee, it would charge me up for the next big surge of rejection.  And you know, it really isn’t such a bad pick up line for girls to use to approach guys either. ” Hey guys, do you like to drink coffee?” 

I really thought it would be nice to have Hot Chocolate, or Hot tea to help get some other people.  What can I say, I don’t like coffee either.  I think I thought of a way to make hot tea using a crock pot and water.  But I am just not sure about the hot cocoa.  It helps that it was Starbucks Coffee we were giving away because it let people feel a bit more comfortable about taking coffee from strangers. 

I hate approaching strangers about Jesus.  But I prayed before I arrived, asked God to let the Spirit take over and crush my fears, and give me the boost I needed to approach strangers.  It worked.  I was talking to people like crazy, and it was so not in my nature to do so. 

But man, it was incredibly hard to get people to even look at you let alone actually take a cup of absolutely free coffee.  It was easier to buy a new car, but not nearly as much fun. 


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