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Blogging Lent: Doing Above and Beyond February 25, 2008

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Woman, behold your son: behold your mother(John 19:26-27).


Here’s Jesus on the cross.  He has been beaten to being unrecognizable.  He is still being mocked.  He is naked.  And he is still caring more about us then about Himself. 

He paid the price for us on that cross.  The price that should have been ours to bare.  That should be enough wouldn’t you think?  Would you expect Him to keep blessing us, and taking care of us? 

Yet he tells us to ask in His name, and it will be given.  He still takes care of His flock, even though his job is done.  He still leans down and hears out deepest cries.   He tells His friend to take care of His mother, to love her as his own mom, and she is to love and care for him as her own son.  He could have said, “Woman, I have done all I needed to do, what more do you want?” 

I am always surprised at how well and how much He still takes care of us after what He did on that cross.  And yet, we find it hard to be still and silent before Him. 


One Response to “Blogging Lent: Doing Above and Beyond”

  1. Kateesp Says:

    well done, brother

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