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Foster Care Orientation Prayer February 27, 2008

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My first class was last Tuesday.  I missed it.  I had my notebook in the car and was going right after work, but an hour before leaving work, I got a severe migrane.  I tried to take aleve, but it didn’t touch it.  I didn’t take the migrane meds because they have caffein in them, and that is what I gave up for lent.  So I wound up going home.  It was so bad that I had to just go to bed.  I know not drinking caffein can cause these headaches, but the beginning of lent was a while ago, so I shouldn’t have them from that.  It was my second one that week, I had one Sunday as well, and I didn’t understand why I was getting them.  To keep this short, I am asking for prayer.  Sometimes when I am trying to accomplish something important, I feel attacked.  Things like this often happen to keep me from the event.  Please pray that I make the next class without any hitches.  I think even if I have a migrane, I will go anyways this time.  My next class is scheduled for  March 11th.  Any prayers are appreciated.

Thanks bunches


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