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St. Pattricks Day Parties for Kids March 1, 2008

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OK, now I know that for some Christians this will be hard because of the Lie that is told.  But man, did my kids have a blast with this last year. 

 The family I work for has Irish background.  So they really wanted us to work out a fun party for the kids.  This is what we did. 

We started by talking up leprechauns to the children.  We simply looked up some of the legends of Leprechauns and shared the ok ones with the children. 

Then when the kids weren’t around we painted rocks with gold spray paint. They look pretty real.  Use jagged rocks all sizes.  Use a Gold metalic spray paint so it really is shiney.  gold-nuggets.jpg

We also told the kids about the tricks and mischevious character of the Leprechans.  Then we turned our milk green with green food color, we turned our applesauce green, our juice was green, our breakfast was green eggs and ham, we even turned the water in all the toilets green, and yes, by the end of the day even their poo was green. 

After the kids were asleep, we turned furniture upside down, put shoes on the feet of the chairs, put food in the bathtub, Shampoo in the fridge, etc.  We also had some washable paint and put a few footsteps around the house.  (make a fist, dip  the end of the fist with the pinky into green paint, to make the foot print, then add the pinky tip as toes.  Looks just like tiny feet.) We told the kids, “Look at what those leprechauns did last night!”

We randomly placed gold nuggets around the house for the kids to find.  Then we hid a bunch of it outside in the back yard, some of it in very obvious sight.  I picked up St. Patrick day chinese food boxes at the party store for the kids to put their gold in. 

We made heart shaped cup cakes for the kids with green cake mix, and let the kids decorate the cupcakes, then we put the four hearts together to make a Shamrock cake.

We read St. Patricks day stories and listend to irish music.  It was a fun day.  I wish I could find the pictures to share with you guys. 

This year we will do some of the same things, but we planted clover last week in small clay pots so they will be full grown by the time it is st. patricks day and the kids can take them to school.  Target has them in the dollar section.  It is just a fun playful day.  Hope you enjoy it. 


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