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Fostering to Adopt Update March 10, 2008

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I went to my Orientation class tonight.  It was supposed to be downtown, at 6pm.  I left work early, paid a meter since I arrived early, and tried to get in the doors.  They were locked.  I went back to my car and double checked the email I was sent to make sure I had the right time, date, and place.  And indeed, according to the email, I did.  6pm and still no one.  I finally saw a woman standing outside, and asked if she was doing the orientation.  She said no but would go upstairs to find out if the class was still going on.  15 minutes later she came back and said that her supervisor tracked down a number and found out it was at Longley, and that it started at 5:30pm. I could go down there and see if they would let me in.  I thanked her for her help and left.

I had already missed 50 minutes of the orientation class.  By the time I got down there I would have missed over an hour of the two hour meeting.  So I drove home. 

Once I drove home I forwarded all the emails I had to the origional person that had emailed me and told them what happened, and how frustrated I was.  I also told them this mistake has pushed up my ability to become a foster parent another month.  I am going out of town for work and won’t be back till April. 

Again I feel like when it is something important, things go wrong to prohibit me from completing the task at hand.  This time it was completely out of my hands.  Last time it was a migrane that came on an hour before the class started.  I probably should have just gone then.  I can’t really say this is Satan’s work, or the world’s work.  For all I know it could simply be peoples “mistakes,” to be nice about it. 


2 Responses to “Fostering to Adopt Update”

  1. smlwoman Says:

    To put it nicely, this was my screw up. I never flipped the calendar over to March. So the class was Tuesday, not Monday. And I had all the correct information. So now that I have confessed my own stupidity, I can happily say, I made the class.

  2. jackswords Says:

    I’m not used to seeing other people go through a “I’m really trying this time and it just feels like the cards just won’t go my way.” It’s not comforting.

    What is comforting is you’ve taken another step toward foster parenthood. Woot!

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