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Fostering to adopt March 14, 2008

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This is a tough process.  I would have to change my whole way of thinking as far as the adoption part is concerned.  I can’t take a child in as a foster child and hope and pray they will get to stay with me forever.  After taking the class, I have come to realize it would have to be a mission field in order for me to survive this process. 

First, when you get a child, you must keep in mind that the main goal is to get this child back with their biological parents.  These parents will be in contact with you and be working with you to reach this goal.  You must have a plan in place within 14-18 months of the child being in foster care.  Even if the parents are making the tiniest progress, the judge can rule to give them another two years to work on getting their child back.  That means you could have the child for four years and have to give them back to their parents.  Or you could find out things have worked out and the reunification is scheduled to occur and the family misses the court date and the judge could call and say, they never showed, the child is yours to keep.  That was their last chance.  Sometimes a child is brought to you right from the home, or the hospital after it is born.  You may spend a few sleepless nights trying to comfort the child, then have to get ready to leave for work the next day. 

I need to continue to pray about this, but I have an interview set up for April 1st.  No foolin’!  My classes will begin the 28th of April.  They could have started the 29th of March, but I don’t get back in town until the 30th.  But it does give me time to prepare the room, and pray.  I kind of already feel like I should be doing this.  But it was much more “fun” to think of them as my child. 

They will be the best dressed, and most active foster care children I have ever seen.  There are parents out there that use the money for themselves instead of for the kids.  I already have the preschool picked out and the extra curricular classes picked out.  And it will be so much fun taking them shopping. 

God, grant me the grace, and wisdom of the Super Nanny. 


One Response to “Fostering to adopt”

  1. jackswords Says:

    This could be really tough. You’re going to love them so much.

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