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Pop the Holy Bubble March 22, 2008

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An article was sent to me by a friend that was titled “Associate With Sinners” Lk. 5:29-32

The title should tell you a lot.  The premise of the article was a good point.  But lets call the people they want us to pay attention to, nonbelievers.  Christians are sinners too, and the point of the article was to get out of our little Holy bubble and mingle. 

The Holy bubble:  Christian schools, home school, Christian colleges, Church activities, Hanging out with church friends, reading christian books, listening to christian music, going to christian concerts, wearing christian clothes, even carring out bible every where. All these things by themselves are ok.  However, when we surround ourselves with nothing but this stuff we make ourselves somewhat  unapproachable. We selfishly live in a Holy Bubble.   

The article also mostly pointed out that we should be out there sharing the gospel.  Absolutely.  But it doesn’t have to be an evangelistic mission.  Go out, build relationships, do activities together that won’t cause you to stumble.  Show the world the Gospel by your walk.  Actions speak louder then words. 

Coram Deo does a great job of getting out and doing a service for the community. It is a no strings attatched form of action that is nice for the community to see.  This is a great way to get out and minister to the community as a church.  It is one of my favorite parts of Coram Deo .  But this article reminded me of what I can do as an individual.  We have become afraid to be in the world living a Christian life in the world so that we can be a light to others.  I used to love to go line dancing in WI.  It was in a bar, but for me it was not a place of stumbling.   I just went to dance, and socialize.  Mostly dance.  I would also get into some conversations with people about being different.  It was a fun way to let my walk be my witness.  I miss it.

Most people out there are lost and need someone to care about them as a person.  To show them that they matter.  They are needed.  The bubble we put ourselves into is selfish because it only sows our needs.  All the things we do build us up.  “Us” being Christians. These activities can be used to help build up others, but if you don’t go out there and build a relationship with nonbelievers, you will have a hard time getting them in the door.  Again, they want to know that they matter.  They don’t want to feel like a conversion number.  We aren’t policemen out there trying to get our speeding ticket quota of the day.  

We also need to make ourselves available.  We fill our lives with so much of the Christian stuff,that we don’t have any time to build a relationship with nonbelievers.  Some people find this hard to have more then one friendship because it takes so much time to build a relationship.  Correct.  It does take time.  Time that was given to us by our Saviour’s payment on that cross.  It is not our time to use how we please.  We need to make the time to have the time.  It needs to be a priority.

So let’s not be afraid of the world around us.  We are in this world to do God’s work.  To love His creations so they can feel His love for them.  He knows every number of the hairs on their heads.  Let’s treat them like the important people they are.  This is what He died for.  This is why He conquered death and gave us a chance to live. Happy Easter.


2 Responses to “Pop the Holy Bubble”

  1. jackswords Says:

    Preach it, sister!

  2. kenny Says:

    I really like this post, particularly this idea about the ‘holy bubble.’

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