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Ghosts April 29, 2008

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Some of you know that I really like to watch Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Whisperer, and Supernatural. See the the trend? I just find them interesting. One friend commented on how surprised they were since I am a christian. My mom has said the same thing. “It doesn’t go with your beliefs” Is she correct? (more…)


Foster Care Classes

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I just took my first Foster Care class this Monday night. Unfortunately there isn’t much to say. It was the same stuff we covered in the orientation. We did watch a video that kind of gave us an idea of what it is like to be a foster parent. I think it was a watered down, nice version of what we should expect.

I almost blew it. I drove home after work, and forgot about the class. I remembered just as I turned on my street that the class was tonight. I turned the car around and thought I would have enough time. I thought the classes were at 6 pm. But they are at 5:30. So I was late. I wanted to blame the social worker, but obviously everyone else new it was at 5:30. So it was my own fault. Anyways, I am on my way. First session done, 9 more to go.


Iron Out

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When I find a product that works, I make sure I tell everyone I know.  I just bought a new, used washer and dryer set.  They are really nice front loaders.  However, when I washed my whites this weekend, I found a ton of little orange rust spots all over them.  I was not too happy.  (more…)


My New Car April 16, 2008

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Sigh… The check engine light came on Last night. I have had it for a month and a half. It is the O2 Sensor. The same problem I had with my kia. On the Kia it cost me about 1200 to fix it. I can’t believe my luck. I can’t believe I would get stuck with the Honda CrV that has problems at only 56,000 miles. I just can’t believe it. I traded off my other car because I couldn’t afford to fix it anymore. And for more space. I researched, and reasearched, and waited, and waited, and … I just can’t believe it. And of course they make you sign an as is paper, so they aren’t responsible to fix it.


I Can’t Believe It’s Snowing! April 15, 2008

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All you skiiers out there, quit praying for more snow. The ski season is over! It’s time for sunshine, and summer clothes! All my Daffodiles and tulips are going to die now. I have been waiting, and waiting for summer weather, even spring weather, and I think I’ve been patient long enough!

It reminds me of a conversation I had with someone once. This person had prayed for no rain that day. And it didn’t rain. It was a wedding day. It was supposed to rain like crazy. When I told this to another person, they said, ” How do you know it was her prayer? What about the person who was praying for rain to save his crops? Was her prayer more important then his?”

I honestly had nothing to say.


Spring April 10, 2008

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I took this picture yesterday out of my sunroof.  (more…)


Sweeney Todd April 6, 2008

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I watched this today, twice… (more…)