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Spelling April 6, 2008

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My good friend Jose, finally made a comment on my spelling in my blogs. It is funny because I can see he made an effort for me to not get offended. He gave me two compliments on my blogs before he pointed out how horrible my spelling was. I “amuse him” with my spelling. He cracks me up.

My spelling is horrible. My grandma would be all over me for my spelling. She used to do crosswords to keep her spelling good. I hate crosswords. I love word searches. But that doesn’t seem to help me with my spelling. She could point out misspellings in everything. The ones that bothered her the most were the public misspellings. Bulletin boards, magazine articles, and so forth. She could spot them a mile away and would put forth a great effort to find someone to fix them.

But because I know my spelling is so bad, I tend to rely on spell check unless it is a word I know I am misspelling. Then I will look it up before I write it out. but half the time I am unaware, or sometimes, I am just typing so fast that it comes out wrong and I don’t catch it. If you could see my dashboard, you would laugh to see how many times I have edited my post. Especially, when I still have mistakes.

I don’t want people to focus on my spelling mistakes. And I know some really smart people read my posts. I know the grace they are extending by not commenting or trying to correct my post. But it has to be a distracting for them. I am not trying to say I am not smart. I am smart in other ways. I have lots of knowledge to share with others, but they all have lots to share with me too. I think that is how it is supposed to be.

I also was told over the past two weeks that someone needed to educate me. I have ideas, and I share them, and sometimes they make people laugh because they aren’t possible. For instence:

I went to NASA while in Houston. I didn’t make the connection between “Houston, we have a problem” and the city of Houston. And instead of keeping that to myself, I blurted it out. “Ooohhh, now it makes sense! Mission control is in Houston! Duh.” I knew where mission control was, I just didn’t make the connection.

Also, I was very excited to see if Nasa had a room where you got to float around like you do on the space shuttles. Again, didn’t think to keep this to myself. I shared it, and that is when I was told, they needed to get educated. I could have sworn I saw something on tv like that and that all kids that went to space camp got to try out zero gravity. But maybe it was my imagination. I am not shy about these things. Not yet anyways. I can laugh at it while I learn a new fact. It made sense to me, we could put a man on the moon, why not have a zero gravity room? Well, because we are on earth. Oh well, another lesson learned. Maybe this is why I don’t have kids yet. hmmm…

However, I want people to take me seriously. So for all of you out there, thanks for focusing on the posts, and not the technical. I hope to get better at it.


One Response to “Spelling”

  1. -Dave Says:

    Firefox has (either default, or by an add-in) a spell-checker for things you type on a web page. It’s most useful. I have a few words that I always seem to misspell, besides those where I simply miss a key (surprisingly common).

    I reccomend it, because I use it.

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