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My New Car April 16, 2008

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Sigh… The check engine light came on Last night. I have had it for a month and a half. It is the O2 Sensor. The same problem I had with my kia. On the Kia it cost me about 1200 to fix it. I can’t believe my luck. I can’t believe I would get stuck with the Honda CrV that has problems at only 56,000 miles. I just can’t believe it. I traded off my other car because I couldn’t afford to fix it anymore. And for more space. I researched, and reasearched, and waited, and waited, and … I just can’t believe it. And of course they make you sign an as is paper, so they aren’t responsible to fix it.


3 Responses to “My New Car”

  1. -Dave Says:

    You might try getting a second opinion.

    I got my car from Reno Mazda-Kia, and within a few thousand miles, the check engine light came on. They told me it was the O2 sensor, and it would cost $800 to $1200 to fix it. I deferred, since I didn’t have the money and had some time before my smog check.

    Later, when I finally had to get it fixed, I took it into Reno Subaru to get it fixed (because I also had a bad catalytic converter, which is under a federally mandated warranty to 80,000 miles), and they told me that the O2 sensors were just fine. Sometimes, it depends who you ask. I trust Reno Subaru now (as I haven’t had a check engine light issue since they did the work, so obviously there was NO issue with my O2 sensor). I’ll never do business with Reno Mazda-Kia again.

  2. smlwoman Says:

    Dave, I surely hope you don’t actually have a kia. I bought my Kia at reno mazda kia, and I have dealt with them several times. They are not a trustworthy company, although I found that any kia dealership was not worth the time or energy. I do have a very good mechanic that I trust here in reno. He is Frank at Silver State Automotive. They have the best prices and are very honest. He did all the work on my kia for me at a 1/3 of the cost of Kia dealer. Plus he was the only one who would work on the kia.

    As for my car, there is a warning on the gas cap that says if you don’t tighten it to at least three clicks the engine light will go on. Because I filled my car up on that really windy day earlier this week, it is possible I didn’t tighten it enough. So I retightened it and then took it too Auto Zone to get a read on what the engine light meant. They do that for free. And that is how I found out it was running rich in bank one and the o2 sensor was having a problem.

    The next morning when I started my care the light was gone. It could have been the gas cap, I am hoping it was, because if it comes back on in another month or so, it will be too far from when I bought it to get Toyota to do anything about it. But it really freaked me out. Thanks for the suggestion, if it stayed on, and Toyota didn’t do anything about it, I would have gone to Frank or to my brother to try and figure it out.

    I just really want to trust all the reviews I read about the Honda CRV and believe that I bought a great car.

  3. -Dave Says:

    I got a used Subaru there (which I found online) because it was a decent price. Then I made the mistake of getting their extended warranty. The one repair I needed which they would have covered was the catalytic converter, and they wouldn’t perform the work (despite my telling them exactly what I needed fixed when I called in for an appointment) because it was only under a “manufacturer’s warranty.” At that moment, I knew I’d never go back there for anything and that I’d gladly recount my cautionary tale to anyone who’d listen.

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