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Foster Care Classes April 29, 2008

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I just took my first Foster Care class this Monday night. Unfortunately there isn’t much to say. It was the same stuff we covered in the orientation. We did watch a video that kind of gave us an idea of what it is like to be a foster parent. I think it was a watered down, nice version of what we should expect.

I almost blew it. I drove home after work, and forgot about the class. I remembered just as I turned on my street that the class was tonight. I turned the car around and thought I would have enough time. I thought the classes were at 6 pm. But they are at 5:30. So I was late. I wanted to blame the social worker, but obviously everyone else new it was at 5:30. So it was my own fault. Anyways, I am on my way. First session done, 9 more to go.


One Response to “Foster Care Classes”

  1. Roch Says:

    How are the foster care classes going? Are you working with washoe county or are you with an agency? I’ve done daoe for the past 10 years and now own my own agency while working on my masters degree in marriage and family counseling/child therapy.

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