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I’m not sleepy! May 21, 2008

Filed under: Children — smlwoman @ 12:49 pm

My little charge has had a hard time taking naps lately. She insists she is not sleepy. I take her to her room, lay her down, and we wait for over an hour and she is still awake. I put her in her carseat to get her brother, and she is asleep before the garage door shuts. Lately, I have decided, she may just be growing out of the naps. Not that I really believe it because she is only 3. So no naps this week. The other day we came home around 3 and she begins to cry and say, “I’m not sleepy Jody.” I calmly say, “OK.” I walk out to put away the garbage can and when I walk back in this is what I saw


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