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Plans of Hope Dashed June 8, 2008

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I was writing to a friend in WI and telling them about my plans to look into the three kids for adoption, when I saw that they are not accepting Home studies for them at this time.  That means someone else is looking at them, they found a match, and they are no longer available for adoption.  I thought I was still ok with something like this happening.  But I am very surprised at how sad I am that they are no longer available.  Even though I am happy someone is offering them a home.  I am not going to look anymore until after my home study is done. I was praying for these children every day, and that gave me a bit of a bond to them.   I didn’t even have a chance to turn in my application due to certain things they need to complete the application, like a physical, and a letter from my doctor saying that PMDD will not effect my ability to be a parent.  I have to wait another month for that to happen.  It is so very frustrating to not get a chance due to things out of my control.  And I know, God’s ways are not my ways.  And God has a plan.  God is in Control.  Etc., etc., etc. Maybe this is payback for not following through with facepainting at the lemmonaide stand Friday night.  I guess I will write more when I am being more rational.   



3 Responses to “Plans of Hope Dashed”

  1. jackswords Says:

    So this divine retribution angle. What does it mean if I, as a Christian, am rich and successful? Does it mean I haven’t done anything to tick God off? Does it mean that, in fact, I have done many, many godly things?

  2. smlwoman Says:

    I said I wasn’t being rational. I logically know that this was not a punishment from God. Just look at Joseph and David’s lives in the Bible. However, there were still consequences to David’s sins even though God was not “punishing” him. The Consequences affected his family and his kingdom as well as other innocent people. Joseph was an excellent example of doing God’s work and he still was slammed down time and time again. But emotionally, the timing seemed like punishment.

  3. jackswords Says:

    I don’t even remember reading that last sentence. I must have stopped commented as soon as I read the sentence previous. sorry :-/

    I don’t even see this as logical consequences. But then you probably don’t either. On the upside, I sent in your references form.

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