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Names June 19, 2008

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So I have just about finished my foster Kitty time.  They go back to the Nevada Humane Society to get fixed, microchipped, and shots, tomorrow, June 20th.  Then out the same day to get adopted.  This group has been so much fun!  A great distraction for frustrating times.  I decided to name them.  I thought this would be easy, but being the personality I am, I wanted just the right names.

Here is what I came up with:

  This is the Mama Cat.  She is only 2 years old.  I named her Shanti which means Peace.  She is really a peaceful cat, very loving, sweet, and gets along well with other cats.  She is also very tolerant, like most moms.  I am also hoping that someone will bring peace into her life by adopting her soon. Shanti is also a character from Jungle Book 2.  She reminded me of this character because even though she is the mom, and is sensible, she is also playful and young, and brave.  Just like Shanti in the movie.

  This is the black little boy.  He is the bravest of all four kittens.  He was the first to not run when I entered the room, and the first to explore outside of the room.  I thought Baghera would be a cute name for him, the black panther in Jungle Book, but after watching him more, I thought Mowgli suited him better.  He is way too playful and adventurous.  Not very cautious like Baghera was.

   They also both like trees, and have black hair. 

My next little  brother was the first to be named.  His name jumped out at me from a list, and I knew it belonged to him. This is Asher, Hebrew for happiness.

 He is the shyest of the group.  But he is also playful, once he throws caution to the wind.  He is just so cute!  You can’t help but smile and want to pick him up and cuddle him.  A very sweet boy, with a pretty cool name I think.

 This beautiful little girl is Kylah.  Irish, femine of Kyle, means Fair, or in celtic version means crown.  She is a huntress, but I couldn’t find any names for a great huntress.  Although there is zena the princess warrior.  I just really liked the way Kylah sounded.  She loves to pounce, and chase things.  She also loves to climb.  When I first dragged a feather by the kittens, she and her sister watched cautiously, and pounced at the right moments.  The brothers ran and hid.  Too funny.

Finally there is this cutie!  I have been struggling with her name.  This is the kitten I am keeping.  She is playful, and Sammy seems to like her.  They play well together.  Not good news for my fish.  I thought of calling her Aislyn after a little girl I used to babysit many years ago.  Now she is a grown woman.  But I always liked the name, and wanted to use it if I ever had a baby girl.  So do I live with “what if”  or do I just go with it.  I also found the name Keiko.  It looked really familiar to me.   According to it is Japanese and means pretty adored beloved.  But they also have it pronounced (key Ko)  But according to it is pronounced (kay ko) and means blessed child.  I liked it as keyko, I also really liked the meaning.   It is also the name of the killer whale from Free Willy.  Orcas are my favorite animals, and Free Willy is a favorite movie. So I thought it really fit, but his name is pronounced Kayko.  So I am not sure of what I want to name her.   What would you name her if she was yours?  Maybe I will like what you come up with better! 

  So the other three cuties will be available Friday, the 20th of June, after 2pm.  Their names really haven’t been used much, so feel free to change them.  I just thought they were more fun then beth, griselda, Tom, Tim and other names I have seen at the NHS.  However on petfinder they have some really cute names.  But they do have cats with the names above too. I spent about two hours searching for names.  I couldn’t imagine trying to name a child if it was this hard to name kittens.   I pray that all these cats get a good home and won’t be back out on the street or abused. 



9 Responses to “Names”

  1. jose Says:

    Cutie cute cute. FYI – Diana (Artemis) was the goddess of the hunt.

  2. Gen Says:

    Pictures are way Cute! name the little kitty Keiko. It is perfect because you like Orca whales so much, plus don’t give up hope of having your own daughter you can name Aislyn. Just Pronounce it “Kay-ko”:-)

  3. smlwoman Says:

    I”m still not sure about her name. She and Sammy are racing around here like crazy. She is really fast. I also thought about naming her Trixie.

  4. jackswords Says:

    Trixie is short for Beatrice.

    Atalanta was a fast-fast runner who would race men that wanted to marry her. If the suitor won, he’d get her. Nobody every won. Well, one guy who wasn’t fast as he was smart.

    • smlwoman Says:

      I just got the connection to the name atalanta. What is it four years later?? I just saw that I had posted that her and sammy were racing around like crazy. So funny. And I am so slow…

  5. smlwoman Says:

    Love the story, don’t care for the name. I didn’t know that about Trixie. I was thinking of SpeedRacers girlfriend. I’ve also thought about Lilo, Daisy, Reeces (Her colors look like a peanut butter cup, but Reece is also my boss’s name.) Don’t know, I’ve got to come up with something. Nothing is jumping out at me anymore. I thought about using the other names from the other girls, like Shanti, and Kylah because the Humane society changed their names. Good news is they all got adopted, even the mom! And the two boys got adopted together. I was there, when they got taken, and was able to give a bit of information about them. I felt pretty good that even the mom got taken!

  6. smlwoman Says:

    Joe Martin had a dog named Atlanta. Wonder if he knew the story? I started looking at names that mean friend. Since I got her as a companion for Sammy. The one I liked the best was Dakota. It has a lot of meanings for me. But again, it just doesn’t jump out at me. For some reason I am leaning toward K names. Like Kiki, or Kiana. I thought Kiana was pretty. I think it just means ancient. Nothing spectacular.

  7. jackswords Says:

    Dakota is great, especially with all the meanings for you.
    How about just Kota?

  8. smlwoman Says:

    the meanings besides friend is that my dad and brother were both born in North Dakota. Dakota is part of my parents email addy, and I like the actress Dakota Fanning. I like Kota too, but it reminds me of a boy name because of Brother Bear. But I think I would probably shorten it to Kota. I really like the name for the most part. It just isn’t as femanine as I wanted. But so far I’m leaning towards that name.

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