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Art Town 2008 Kid Events June 28, 2008

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This next whole month is Art Town. There are a ton of great events for kids during this month. I took my kiddos to it last year and we had a blast. We experienced so much culture! I made a great little book out of all our events. I would highly recommend it to any of you who have kids. I made a calandar of events for kids during the weekdays. There are also a ton of events for them in the evenings and weekends. Just check out and click on their calandar to see what is happening. But I wanted to post my calandar on here for you all in case you can make it.  Click on the calandar to view it larger, and then you may have to enlarge it once more.  Along with the calandar are pics of our last year experiences. Some of them were with a cell phone or low flash, so they may not be so great.

The events that are free I marked as free.  The art center is the McKinley Art Center on Riverside dr. 

Location/Parking:  McKinley Arts & Culture Center is located at 925 Riverside Drive and occupies one city block bounded by Riverside Drive, Vine Street, Jones Street and Keystone Avenue.  The area for the Art Town events I believe is located on the Vine and Keystone side of the building.   There are also some other events for older kids.  These events that I posted for the week are for children 1-6.  Older kids like these events also, but their are events for ages 7 and up that the younger ones wouldn’t enjoy.  They are hands on and are just not age appropriate, I called and asked.

And here are some pics:

 This guy taught us how to do Hambone, and the art of clowning.  The kids laughed so much and had a blast!  Then he put on a show at wingfield that night. 

  Flips Gymnastics did an open gym for the kids.  First we watched some kids who were really good, then we got to try it out ourselves.  Because of this event we wound up signing up for classes here.  We love it!

  We got in to see Magic Underground.  Connor got to go up and help with the ring trick.  It was so cool!  We also got to see some great Native American Indians dancing, and learned about the cloathing and what the dances meant.  So if you can, go out there and support the arts during July!  It is a blast, and you meat some great people!



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