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One Crazy Weekend July 29, 2008

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One weekend, lots has happened. Friday, finally got a call from my case worker after writing to social services about not hearing anything for a home study.  Study to take place on Thursday.    I took my nephew camping with some friends sat. and sun.  Lots of fun and work for less then a twenty four hour period.  First camping trip for my nephew.  came back early Sunday to get house ready for inspection.  Brother came by to pick up my nephew and he and his wife told me they are moving to California.  (more…)


Tornados in Nevada July 21, 2008

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7 Tornado warnings, 2 touch down.  Seriously, there is no where to run or seek shelter in Nevada if we have tornados hit town.  We are doomed.  Relying basically on God’s protection.  Besides the fact that majority of our homes are cookie cutter specials, and mobile homes, hardly anyone has a basement or a storm cellar.  Did you see Twister?  Do you remember that piece of straw peircing the wood at the side of the barn?  In North Dakota my mom, coming from NY, put a sheet over our kitchen table with a hammer on top.  We were to crawl under the table.  That is about as safe as we would be here in Nevada.  Crazy.


Foster/adoption Update July 19, 2008

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It has been a little over a month since I turned in all the paper work and finished my classes.  I still haven’t heard anything about getting a home study done. That is all I am waiting on.  I am so frustrated I can’t stand it.  I have not heard from anyone at social services since turning in my application and finishing my classes.  And I keep watching all the children I am interested in being given to other people while I don’t even get a chance to try.  Is this God saying I wouldn’t be a good parent?  Is it not the right children?  Or is it that I got lost in the shuffle?  I just don’t get the hold up while they are in drastic need of foster families.


Art Town Events : Vegabond Puppets

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 This is one of the events at McKinnley Art Center.  The folks from New York Vegabond Puppets brought their puppets from Ferdinand for the kids to try on.  They worked on how the animals would move and the kids had a blast!  Connor got to be the eagle.  Then after the workshop the kids all got to go out and make masks of their own.  Great start to Art Town for kids. Click more to see a few more pics and the cool puppets. (more…)


Manna Bags July 11, 2008

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My church has this cool thing called Manna Bags.  You basically fill a ziploc bag with some non parishable foods, a water bottle, and a new pair of socks, and any thing else you might want to add.  There is also a piece of paper, with all the local places and their phone numbers, that help the homeless. 

I love Manna Bags.  I think it is a great alternative to giving the homeless money.  My first experience in handing out a Manna bag was great!  The guy loved it!  He went through it, ate some of it, then put it in his bag.  He was very greatful. 

My second bag has been sitting in my car waiting to be handed out.  Yesterday I got to hand it out. (more…)


How Will We Manage July 3, 2008

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One of my favorite places to dine is now closed.  Slices is no longer open for business.  They couldn’t keep up with the rise in costs.  Here is what I am noticing.  Gas is insane.  Because of this, everyone is raising their prices.  But employees are not getting raises to reflect this increase in the cost of living.  A loaf of whole wheat bread is almost $5 a loaf at Walmart.  I used to pay $20 a week in gas, now I am at $100 a week.  Because of the increase in the cost of living it is possible my landlord will need to raise my rent as much as a hundred a month.  So my groceries are higher, my gas is higher, my utilities are higher, and now my rent is higher. And the worst part is I am getting a great deal on the rent here.  If I can’t afford the rent here, I will have to move back home.  38 And moving back in with Parents.  From a house to a bedroom.   What does this mean for the blue collar worker?  How are we supposed to survive? Businesses are closing up.  And no one thinks we are headed towards a recession?   I think I make decent money for the work I do.  But it is extremely hard to survive.  I can’t believe this is happening.