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How Will We Manage July 3, 2008

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One of my favorite places to dine is now closed.  Slices is no longer open for business.  They couldn’t keep up with the rise in costs.  Here is what I am noticing.  Gas is insane.  Because of this, everyone is raising their prices.  But employees are not getting raises to reflect this increase in the cost of living.  A loaf of whole wheat bread is almost $5 a loaf at Walmart.  I used to pay $20 a week in gas, now I am at $100 a week.  Because of the increase in the cost of living it is possible my landlord will need to raise my rent as much as a hundred a month.  So my groceries are higher, my gas is higher, my utilities are higher, and now my rent is higher. And the worst part is I am getting a great deal on the rent here.  If I can’t afford the rent here, I will have to move back home.  38 And moving back in with Parents.  From a house to a bedroom.   What does this mean for the blue collar worker?  How are we supposed to survive? Businesses are closing up.  And no one thinks we are headed towards a recession?   I think I make decent money for the work I do.  But it is extremely hard to survive.  I can’t believe this is happening.


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